Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ollie still sick...

Ollie's chest has cleared massively but he is still so so congested.  His little nose is running constantly and he has a very chesty cough.  His mood has been fine the last couple of days but the nights have been horrendous with him waking almost every hour!!  Were not sure what is causing it or how to make it better... I have propped his cot up slightly so he is not lying flat, used vaporub and olbas oil to help decongest him... he has had calpol to take away any pain... and he is wrapped up nice and warm.  Still though he wakes.  Were all knackered and really hoping this goes away soon because there isn't a lot more we can do!

Poor little man!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ollie's First Christmas!

was a total success...

Christmas Eve was spent with my family.  My youngest brother Ryan was away to Scotland with my dad to spend Christmas with relatives, so my mum and Harry came over after lunch time.  Mum helped me decorate Christmas cookies and then we went out for dinner with my other brother Jason.  we went to Frankie and Benny's in Belfast and had a wonderful meal and cocktails!  Mum and Harry's gift to Ollie is a new highchair which he loves.

When we arrived home on our doormat we found a little Christmas Book for Ollie with a note from our neighbours saying "For the baby in the house".  We have not spoken to them very much before and were so surprised by the kind gesture.  I popped some of my nicely decorated Cinnamon Cookies through their letterbox for them to enjoy.

On Christmas Day we had the best day!

On Christmas Eve I had felt the first corner of Ollie's tooth peeking through, but Christmas morning... there it was... the whole thing poking through his gum.

Ollie woke up as usual at 7am on Christmas morning so we brought him into bed with us to open our stockings.  James and I opened ours first and Ollie had a lot of fun playing with the wrapping paper, and then Ollie opened his.  In his stocking, Santa left a turkey dinner, a Baby Einstein Mirror book, A scanimation book called Gallop and some very cool music makers (little hand held ones... one of them jingles, one shakes, one clack clacks and one has cymbals in it).

We then went downstairs to give Ollie his breakfast and let him open his presents from under the tree.  What a lucky lucky boy he was!!  He got loads of clothes for 9 - 12 months... lots of toys... some books and a few other things.  James and I bought Ollie an activity frame, a crawl along mirror, a rainmaker and a ring stacker.  To be honest though we could have just bought him a roll of wrapping paper and he would have been in his element hehe!  I gave James a new Ipod Classic 120GB and he gave me a new red ipod 8GB AND a Pandora bracelet... spoilt rotten!

It is tradition in James family to meet up on Christmas morning for a little drink and a chat.  We got dressed quickly (Ollie in his "Santa's Little Helper suit") and drove to James' mum's house.  It was lovely to see everyone on Christmas morning.  We exchanged presents with James' parents and siblings before his Aunts and Uncles arrived... and when they did Ollie recieved more presents!!  It was a lovely morning...  Conor, Ollie's cousin was there and it was lovely to see them both interacting with each other.  Conor is just 2 weeks older than Ollie.  James Auntie Elizabeth gave Ollie 4 tree decorations that were knitted by James Granny when she was alive.  I thought that was such a sweet gift and a really nice keepsake for him to have.

After a couple of drinks (for me... James was driving!)... we went home to get dinner ready.  James was very organised and had it all nearly prepared... just vegetables to do.  We tossed a coin before to decide who cooked Christmas dinner this year...and James was picked.  I cook next year!  Anyway... James cooked us the most delicious meal ever.  We had sweetcorn and smoked paprika soup to start and for our makin we had slow roasted lamb shanks with rustic roast potatoes, baked onions and asparagus wrapped in pancetta.

Ollie opened his big pressie from James and I... a Fisher Price Amazing Animals Touch and Go Choo Choo.  It was by far my favourite toy and I just wanted him to have one so much.

Mum and Harry visited after lunch for a couple of hours and we just relaxed and chatted.  It was nice to be able to drive in the morning but when we came home we were able to relax the rest of the day.

James mum and sister arrived later at night to stay over.  We watched movies and hung out and relaxed some more.

I have never seen Ollie in as good a mood as he was on Christmas Day.  He was in such good form with everyone who held him and played with him.  I'm certain it is because his tooth came through and must have given him some relief!  Thanks Santa!


Thursday, December 25, 2008


Ollie cut his first tooth today!  You can't see it yet but I can feel that it has cut through his gum!  On Christmas!  So proud of him.  He is in the happiest mood today that I've ever seen him and I'm sure it is because the tooth is through and relieved him of a bit of pressure!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Catch Up!

Have not written in ages.  Again.. things have been hectic.  Were getting ready for our first Christmas as a family... and Ollie got sick!

His first ever sickness.  Not bad considering he is 6 and a half months old now and had never had so much as a sniffle!  Poor wee man started to sniffle on Tuesday, on Wednesday he sounded quite bunged and was off his food... Thursday I was going crazy that he was not eating much... it had gone down to just one and a half bottles and a small yoghurt IN A WHOLE DAY!!

I took Oliver to the Dr. on Friday evening but he was very unhelpful... he didn't reassure me about Ollie's lack of eating and prescribed an antibiotic.

We woke up on Saturday to Ollie breathing very very badly.  It really scared me because it sounded just like my chest would if I was having an asthma attack... I know though that babies do breath faster than adults.  We went to the hospital A and E department and were seen by a very friendly Dr. who told us Ollie had bronchiolitis and it was mild (I'd hate to see what bad would be given that his breathing panicked me so much!).  He said so long as he was getting SOME liquids he would be ok and to keep an eye that he did not develop a fever.  He also told us that the Dr. should not have prescribed antibiotics because they would be useless!  He said this is viral and would just have to run it's course.

Ollie stayed at my mum's house on Saturday night so that I could catch up on some rest and a little bit of relax time because I have been worrying myself sick.  Ollie came home yesterday looking so much brighter and rested and today he has nearly got his whole apetite back.  I'm so glad it's passing.

It's hard as a first time mummy, knowing when to be really worried and when to relax about things!

Were all ready for Christmas... all the pressies are wrapped, I've made gorgeous mince pies and cinammon cookies... were going for dinner with my mum, stepdad and one of my brothers on Christmas Eve, having lamb for Christmas dinner just the 3 of us, and spending boxing day with James family!  I can't wait.  James is not off work untl Christmas Eve so only one more day to go!  I'm so excited to be having Ollie's first Christmas.  I will document it with lots and lots of pictures!

Have a lovely Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Ollie is 6 months today!

Happy 6 month birthday little man!

Half a year has gone by and Ollie has grown and leart so much!  He weighs nearly 8kg and measures a long 65cm!

Ollie is now nearly sitting unaided.  He pretty much can, he just has to stop falling backwards, but he is definately much more sturdy.  he has really strong legs and tries to stand while I'm holding him... he has even tried to crawl (not getting too far) during tummy time.  His little bum goes in the air and he pushes with his feet.  It is so cute!

My clever little man can now see and hear almost the same as I do and his communication skills are developing rapidly.  He has a wide range of squeals, gurgles and what sounds a little bit similar to opera singing!  He even sometimes repeats certain syllables and often I swear he is saying mama!  But at other times I swear I hear him saying Emma!  I'm pretty sure he doesn't know who mama is just yet but it's nice to hear him make the sounds!  I don't think babies start being specific until they are about 10 months old.

There is still no sign of any teeth (poor lamb) but I'm pretty sure he will get one before Christmas.  Hopefully then he can have a little break from teething.  To be honest most days aren't bad but occasionally we have that awful day in between where nothing comforts him and we both end up quite upset by it.  I can feel little lumps right under his gum.  It has to come soon because I can't imagine it hurting him any more severly than it does already!

Weaning is going ok.  Ollie is now eating 3 meals a day.  He normally gets fruit or baby cereal for breakfast, vegetables for lunch and vegetables with rice for dinner.  We tried him on some sweet potato with chicken stock mixed in today and he was not that fussed but we will keep trying it.  I'd like to get him used to that before trying him on real meat.  I reckon he will be eating meat before Christmas... and he can have himself a little Christmas Roast!  Yum!  He tried avocado the other day and loved it!  He ate an entire one!  He doesn't make funny faces at food anymore and sometimes looks excited when he sees me coming with the bowl and spoon.

Can't believe how fast the time has gone... I'm learning loads and having so much fun with my little man :)

Monday, November 24, 2008


Ollie smiles at him self and then hides his face whenever I get him to look in the mirror.  He has never paid any attention to his reflection but in the past week he has TOTALLY noticed.  He squeals with delight when he seems himself.  I'm not sure if he knows it is him... or if he thinks it is another baby!  But it's cute anyway!

He has also learnt to squeal.  A PROPER squeal that is dreadfully sweet but makes my head sore.  He squeals with a big grin.

We had such a wonderful day today.  James and I did a massive clear out and clean up of the house at the weekend and I did the ironing on Sunday so there were no chores needing done (for the first time ever!).  It meant that Ollie and I could spend the whole day together playing without me having to stop to get on with housework, leaving him to his own devices.  I hate doing that!  I think he really benefited from all the extra attention today.  He was such a happy chap and he has gone to bed worn out.  I'm going to keep the house in much better shape from now on and try and spend that much extra time with him each day because today was just delicious :D

Catch up :)

Were all doing good here... had a really busy weekend!

Our car kind of gave up the ghost during the week... so many things were going wrong with it and the last was the radiator so we decided to take out a car loan and buy a new one.  We got a lovely gunmetal grey Seat Altea.  It is a 2005 car but looks like it has hardly ever been touched.  Were very pleased with the purchase!!

Ollie has been eating all kinds of vegetables recently.  he was not fussed ont he green beans first of all but has come to like them and today was the first ay I introduced a breakfast.  He is now on 3 solids a day and 4 bottles of milk.  I have to start introducing a bit more water though.  I think he will be ready for protein by Christmas... he can have some of our Christmas dinner! :)

We are on top of our Christmas shopping... only a few pressies left to buy.  I have even started wrapping!  James is preparing our Christmas dinner this year and thinking up the menu all by himself.  This is our first Christmas on our own... every other year has been spent with either set of parents.  I'm really looking forward to starting our own traditions.  We are going for dinner with my family on Christmas eve and we are spending Boxing day with James' fmaily.

My mum got Ollie his very own little 1st Christmas stocking!

I've been going to mother and baby group more regularly over the last few weeks and I really like it!  It's so easy on cold days here to stay inside and not do much... so the group is a lovely way to get out for a few hours and chat to other mummys!  I'm already making some friends there.

We are trying to live more frugally.  We seem to leak money constantly so James and I have set ourselves a plan to get into a proper budget and actually think about what we are spending money on.  Our goal is to buy this house in June so we need to save hard hard hard!

Oh, Ollie got his first ever runny nose on Saturday!  Today he seemed more snuffly in the morning so I think he might be getting his first ever cold.  Not bad... 5 months and not a hint of sickness until now!  Let's hope his snuffles don't develop and that the cold stays away!

Still no sign of a tooth!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Adventures in weaning part 3

My little man looks set to have the same appetite as me.  He eats a lot!  We have overcome the carrot issue and he now enjoys it.  So far he has had apple, pear, banana, carrot and potato... he didn't like potato all that much but he loves sweet potato!  This week he is going to try courgette, swede and green beans!  Should be interesting!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Clever Boy!

Ollie has dropped his 11pm feed.... now he is on just 4 milk feeds a day!

He kind of did this himself... but the wrong way around.  He would drink the 11pm feed but would'nt drink any of his 7am feed.  So last night we didn't give the 11pm feed and this morning he took a big chunk of his 7am milk!  He was supposed to be giving up the 11pm feed sometime this month anyway.  His apetite for food had kind of decreased the last few days so I'm sure this will help get him back on track.  4 nights in a row sleeping through too!  Clever Boy!

It used to be that I would have to wait up till this time so I could feed him but now that he no longer needs it, I can go to bed whenever I want!  Woohoo!

Ollie is staying at Granny's house again tonight.  She is picking him up when she finishes work.  James and I are going to see Death Cab For Cutie who are playing in St. Georges Market.  We used to be massive concert goers but have not been to a concert in over a year!  So I'm very excited!

Monday, November 10, 2008

...and last night?

OK... he didn't need picked up or anything but he did wake at about 1am... James went in and it was just that he had kicked all his blankets off!  Once he had fixed his blankets he went off to sleep straight away.  James said he also woke up at 5am and fussed for about a minute and he didn;t have to go in (I didn't even hear).  I guess it counts as sleeping through!

Discovered something funny!

Ollie sneezes at the sunlight!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

How did last night go?

Really well actually!  I settled my little man at about 8.00pm... fed him a bottle at 11.00pm (he never wakes for this... I dream feed)... and off he went and did not wake up until 7.30 in the morning!  I feel pretty darn rested!  Good fella!  I'm not getting my hopes up too high though.  He has slept through the night sporadically before and then it stopped all of a sudden... so who knows.  It is darker in his new room and must be quieter too!


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ollie blowing raspberries!

His own room!

We finally (well James finally... I can't take the credit), cleared out the 'miscellaneous room' in time for Ollie spending his first night in there on his own!  It looks nice.  The large cupboard is getting picked up tomorrow and the room will be even nicer!  I'm a little nervous that he won't like it, that he will miss us or that we will miss him... but on the other hand I'm looking forward to it too!  James and I might soon start catching up on proper solid sleep... something almost forgotten by us!

To mark the event I bought him some cute little letters today for his door, that spell out Ollie!

We decided to move him in on a Saturday night incase the night is unsettled!  I can't believe how much bigger our room looks now with no cotbed!!

Aw my little Ollie...

ALMOST slept through the night again.  I think he is waking not because he is hungry (he only takes 30ml or so if James tries to give him a bottle in the night!)... but because his teeth are so sore.  Maybe that's why he woke so much the other night... and in our sleepiness didn't even think of that.

Well last night he went to bed at 8 and didn't wake up until nearly 5... James put gel on his gums and he went back to sleep until 7!  That's not bad... He slept through apart from a slather of gel on his little sore gums!

Fingers crossed THIS is it now... fingers werent crossed hard enough last time!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Were not happy today!

Ollie has never been an upset fact he hardly ever used to cry but now with his teething he seems to have learnt. He cries when i'm there and he cries when I leave the room and last night he woke 6 times in the night crying! It might be down to his sore teeth coming through, but anytime he stays at my mums he sleeps the whole night through... she doesnt have to go to him once!

Im scared i've made him to clingy and im finding the amount of crying very hard to cope with day to day. I just dont know why he is so unhappy when he used to be the happiest baby ever. The sleeping thing was nearly all sorted out... we weaned him off his dummy and he was waking only once in the night... we patted his tummy and he went back to sleep. I feel like he is regressing and things are getting harder than easier. Everyone said things get easier..... but they arent!

I dont know what to do...  I cuddle him, calpol, calgel.... teetha granules...cuddle some more but nothing is working.  I hope it's a phase and I haven't spoilt him by cuddling him too much...

Poor Ollie and me...

Thank goodness it's Friday so we have James here for the weekend!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Adventures in Weaning Part 2

So Ollie is now on two meals a day... when I say meals I don't mean MEALS... he already seems to be a fussy eater and only really eats a lot of fruit... he doesn't seem to be all that keen on ANY of his vegetables!
He has been having baby porridge for breakfast (which he loves with a little dollop of baby red berry compote from a jar) and having either a lunch or dinner.

Today I tried mixing some baby cheese sauce into the carrot and potato mix but it smelt foul.
Not sure how to get him to start eating vegetables instead of fruit though... I think I've got him used to the sweetness of fruit and carrots just taste bland compared!

He is so good at taking it off the spoon now and at swallowing.  Hardly any dribbles out at all!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My arms feel useless!

Today I haven't had to hold baby and a bottle... I haven't had to push a pram... pick up crying Ollie or throw him in the air to make him giggle... I haven't had to cuddle him in my arms to help him fall asleep for his naps...

My arms feel useless.... but at the end of those arms are some cute nicely manicured nails!

I'm enjoying my break today but I still miss him a lot... like always... things have been so tough recently and I really think I need to give my head some space more often.  A baby's cries are so upsetting and I've been hearing a lot of it in recent weeks.  Poor honey bun.  I never expected to be as upset by his cries as I sometimes am.

He has never been a very upset baby... he hardly ever cried so I think it upsets me more because I'm not used to it.  Those darn teeth!

I'm on my own today! (Completly!)

Ollie is going to Granny's this morning and is not coming back until lunchtime tomorrow!  I have no plans... I should have plans.... I should get the housework doe but I think a day to myself should be spent doing something fun I can't do with Ollie... like getting my nails done....

My baby is 5 months today!

He is growing so fast!  His little personality is not so little anymore.  He chats and smiles at everyone he meets!  He knows familiar faces and I THINK he can roll (most of the time he is a little lazy to try though) (I think he can roll because I had to catch him nearly falling off the sofa and there is no other way he could have done that!)

Ollie now weighs 16lbs and is 64cm long!

Unfortunately the Gina Ford thing isn't working out so well... we had a couple of ok nights but now it's just back the way it was when he was a tiny baby!  He woke 3 times last night.  I don't know how to fix this!!

The weaning is going fantastic.  He had porridge with red berries for breakfast the last two days and he loved it!  Today I'm starting him on two solid meals a day rather than one so maybe this will help keep his tummy a little more full and help him sleep longer at night.

The teething is ok at the minute.  Bad days are interspersed with good days and there is no pattern, but when a good day comes around you love it all that much more.  Poor wee soul... I wish there was more I could do for his teeth.  I hope one comes through soon because I can't imagine it getting worse than it is now.

My little man is quite the chatterbox... it's lovely!  He makes such a wide range of sounds and "word" that sometimes I swear I can hear mama!  Apparently they can say it from this age but it has no connection to me being his mama... it's just a sound... what's not to say my baby is a genius though! :)

On his happy days he is the brightest little being I could imagine.  He smiles nonstop and laughs if you use a silly voice, tickle his waist, rub noses, tickle his neck and bounce him on your knees!  His laughs makes James and I both laugh and I nearly cry it's that cute!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Carrots are a no-no!

Ollie's solids are going ok and he is now eating about 3 teaspoons of puree :)

So far he has had the pear, which he was confused at but enjoyed and yesterday I tried carrot.  I made the carrot puree myself so it could have been my cooking skills, but he HATED it.  His face was a picture and he threw it up all over our cream coloured rug.

Today he had a jar (I forgot to defrost a cube!) of apple and banana and he gobbled it all up!

I'm glad he is taking to it so well... I'm finding weaning less confusing than I initially thought!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What did he think of pear puree then?

It went a bit better than I expected.  I thought it was super sweet so I mixed in a little bit of his rice to bring the strength of the flavour down a little bit.  He seemed a bit confused at first then seemed to really enjoy it.  He opened his mouth after swallowing each mouthful and looked at me waiting for the next piece and he cried when it was done and I moved on to give him some milk.  Ollie is getting really good at swallowing now.  Hardly any falls out of his mouth!

As you can see he looks like a happy baby after the pear and rice :D

There is a shortage...

on Ollie's formula!  Were currently using the Aptamil number 1 formula but we can't find it anywhere!  Everywhere seems to be sold out and only selling the number 2 (hungrier babies) or the easy digest... :(  We got the easy digest stuff as I thought that would be closer to the original than changing brands!  How can they have a shortage of babies formula!!

Adventures in weaning!

Ollie has been having rice now for a few days... he gobbles it down and has had no tummy problems... so I think he is ready to try something else.  Yesterday I went and bought more apples and pears (already pureed and frozen a few of those previously), some potatoes and carrots!  I went WILD in the kitchen cooking allsorts haha!  I made carrot puree, creamy carrot puree, potato puree and carrot and potato puree mixed together.  I have some very clever food cube trays which i fill, freeze and then pop out into freezer bags.

Accrding to my book on weaning, I should try him on veg and fruit after he is happy with the rice... so it looks like pear is on the menu for lunch... I haven't decided yet!  How exciting... a whole new world is going to open for Ollie soon!

If he is anything like his daddy or me... he is going to ADORE food!

Oo0o0oh Ollie got weighed and measured yesterday after he had his jabs... he now weighs 15lbs 13oz and he is 64cm long!

Also... yesterday he learnt how to do raspberries!  I'll post a video later today!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

...and so the teething begins again!

After a blissful 4 or 5 days the teething seems to have come back with a vengence.  Ollie had a few really happy and settled days which I think is the calm before the storm... I think his teething is really going to take of soon and maybe a tooth will come through... it has to as I can't imagine it getting any worse for him!!

Yesterday was plain awful!  One of the most upset days we have ever had.  We both ended up in tears.  It really makes me feel so so sad tat there isn't more that I can do for him and he looks at me so upset trusting that I will do everything I can to make him all better :(  Please hurry up little white tooth... and then let the boy have a little break.

On the other hand... even though yesterday was awful we got pretty much an entire nights sleep from Ollie.  He slept right through on Sunday night which was lovely... he woke up about 6.30 or so... and this morning he woke about 4.30 but we just brought him into bed with us and he fell back asleep.  He has proven that he no longer needs the night feed.  The Gina Ford book is brilliant... I just hope it continues to work!

We have also started his weaning again to see how he takes to it.  There have been no problems the last couple of times and I'm only giving him a very tiny amount to start off with... smaller than we started with last time.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Staying at Nanny's!

Last night Ollie stayed over at James' mum's house for the first time.  He slept through the night!!  What??  Why won't he sleep thorugh the night here at home where I try my hardest but he will sleep through at both of his grannies houses.  I find it a little bit cheeky to be honest hehe...  James and I had a good night out.  It's nice to get dressed up and go for cocktails!

Anyways... the Contented Baby routine seems to be going ok.  Ollie seems to have finally fully given up his dummy which is just wonderful and he now sleeps unswaddled.  He isn't yet sleepin through the night for James and I but he is falling asleep at his structured nap times... mostly he gets sleepy at these naps times on his own with little or no nursing!  It feels good to have a bit of structure in our day.

I started the Christmas present shopping by the way!  I think getting started is the hard part and after that it's easy to get going.  I bought a present for James' mum and I got a few things for Ollie.  It is hard to know what to buy for him... he is going to be nearly 7 months at Christmas and therefore is able to have all the big boy toys (6 months + toys hehe)!  I got him one of the Fisher Price Amazing Animals Push and Go tractor with animals in the back.  I also got him a baby puzzle cube thing and a crawl along mirror.  I don't want to buy him too many toys because I know his grannies will buy toys too and I don't want him to end up with too many to play with (apart form the fact that we don't have the space here!!).

It's so cold here recently!  We have started lighting the fire and Ollie is transfixed!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Miserable night!

I didn't take Ollie for his jabs on Tuesday... he was in strange form... wouldn't even smile for my mum and that's extremely uusual!!!  So I figured that if there was something wrong or he was getting sick then it was probably best to reschedule.

Yesterday we started Christmas shopping.  I got Ollie's presents form the Early Learning Centre and was super careful not to let him see what I was getting!  So far he is getting a walker from Nanny Hughes and a highchair from Granny Ross.  I got him the Fisher Price Amazing Animals Stop and Go Tractor set... it's cool!  I also got him one of those baby puzzle cube things with different activities on each side and I got him a crawl along mirror.  It felt good to get started... I think that's always the hard part!

Still following Gina Ford's routine and it's going ok.  He has now started falling asleep exactly at 9.00am and waking at 9.45am... after lunch nap takes a bit of cuddling first!  I think it's a good structured routine.  He hasn't yet given up his dummy in the night though.  We started but I felt like we were being too hard on him with his teething and all, that I gave in and gave him the dummy back.  BIG MISTAKE!  Ever since, he has been waking at least 5 times in the night just because it has fallen out.  I think he has toget used to it not being there and that way it won't waken him if it falls out anymore.  Gina Ford is pretty sure from 4 months, babies have the capacity to sleep the whole night through.  I wish!

Last night was the worst.  I am so so tired today and to top it off I have toothache... a wisdom tooth is coming up at the back.  I've been using Ollie's calgel hehe!  And today the weather is HORRID... so windy!  No way am I going anywhere.


Think we will have a duvet day today!

Oh and also... I'm on a diet... a proper one this time that I'm going to stick to.  I've been on it for about a week now and I'm lost just over a pound.  Not much just yet but at least my weight has gone down instead of up!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ollie is going to get his next set of jabs today.  The last set before his 12 month boosters!  Instead of just 2 injections, today he is getting 3 so I am not planning on him being very happy!  Our health visitor is lovely though and tries to make it as easy as possible.

Contented Baby...

I have had the Gina Ford, Contented Baby Book on my shelf since before Ollie was born.  It was given to me by the person I bought our pram off, as a freebie.  I never read it having heard that Gina Ford's routines are too strict and her methods too hard on little babies.  Last night I picked it up to have a little look and it looks good.  I now wish I had started these routines a long time ago with Ollie.  We are starting today.  She has laid out different routines for different ages and shows the changes you have to make in that month to jump onto the next routine.  She even has a weaning schedule which is just fab.

In her book, she reckons a baby of 4 months should pretty much be sleeping through from 7pm to 7am having had sufficient naps and feeds during the day.  Today is the first day that I am giving this a shot so I will let you know how it goes tonight.

I have to admit that the routine is VERY structured but for a control freak like me that's exactly what we need.

Fingers crossed that we can get Ollie sleeping through!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Boy

We had a lovely weekend... as much as I missed Ollie on Saturday night, James and I had a really lovely, romantic meal out... I even wore a dress!!  We had an entire night of sleep and didn't get up on Sunday until 11.45! Nearly lunchtime.  Ollie went to church with my mum before she, Harry and Ryan came for dinner at our house.  It would appear that Ollie prefers to be good for his granny rather than me.  He slept the whole night through at my mum's house... something he never does here!  I'm not sure what we are doing wrong hehe!

I think his teething has calmed down the last couple of days because there has not been anywhere near as much crying as the previous week or so.  He is in such a good mood!  Maybe the teething is calming down for a few days and then the REAL teething starts after... I'm pretty sure it is going to cut through quite soon.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

O0o0o0oh Ollie

... I miss my boy dreadfully.  He has gone to stay with Granny tonight and get spoilt rotten!  James and I went for dinner in a lovely place called Oxford Exchange and we got steak and rose wine.  Delicious.  But I want Ollie back... he has stayed at my mum's 3 times now and each time I think I have missed him more rather than less!  I am looking forward to a full nights sleep though!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Good Boy!

Ollie has been going to bed with a soother and swaddled up all tight every night... the swaddling started because he kept knocking his dummy out and waking himself up every few minutes!  Anyway... we have visions of swaddling him and putting him to bed with a soother until he is like 4 or 5 yars old so James and I decided we would like to start kicking those habits... at least before 6 months which is the age they develop dependencies and grow attached to things.

Last night... we put Ollie to bed with no soother and no swaddling.  I thought it would be awful!!  He screamed for about half an hour and then that was it... no moer screaming and a pretty relaxed night all in all... no swaddling and no soother!

It was hard letting him cry for that long because normally I am right up there in a shot.  James put a white noise track on his cd which sounds just like fuzzy noise on a radio and this calmed him down!

We will see how tonight goes... but it looks as if this is going to be easier than I imagined.  If we can wean him off the soother at nighttime then we will get started on the day time.

Good boy Ollie!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I tried...

to start weaning ollie off his dummy today.  We don't want him to get too attached to it and then it will be harer but it seems to help him so much with his sore teeth... and it's the only way he can sleep.

I've given up...


... in fact I gave up at midday today.

This was the reason he screamed so much this morning.  The reason they call them soothers is because they really do soothe a baby!  I don't think I will try weaning him off it now until after he has all his teeth or he gives it up himself.  I thought weaning him off during the day only would be a good start and then we could tackle the nighttime.  Boy did he hate me today :(

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ollie is very upset

...and I'm not sure if it is his teeth bothering him or the weaning! :( I think we are going to stop giving him solids for a couple of days to see if his mood improves any in which case we will know if we maybe started weaning him a little too early and maybe he just isn't ready yet. Otherwise... if it is his teeth... I really hope one cuts through soon because I seriously can not imagine it getting any worse than this. The poor little man has cried constantly almost non-stop for the last couple of days. There is not much more I can do for him other than give him Calpol and for his gums... just some gel!

:( Poor wee Ollie. I want my happy boy back!

After a small break...

I'm back...!

As you can see I have moved most of the posts from my old blog into here as I feel this blog is more relevant to what I want to write about!

Ollie is doing so well.  We notice a very large change in him every day.  He is so interested in the world around him that it takes forever to feed him... he is too busy looking at everything else going on.  He is so observant and it's lovely to see him so aware and responsive.

We have started weaning him properly.  Just baby rice so far and only a couple of teaspoons a day so his little digestive system can get used to it.  It all seems to be going well so far... he has had no tummy trouble or anything and he LOVES the rice.  I am going to be following the weaning plan set out in "Weaning : whatfoods to itroduce and when".  It makes it easier.  I am also going to be making my own baby food.  I think it's nice to know exactly what he is eating.  Of course, I'll keep a couple of jars in the cupboard for an emergency but I'm looking forward to making his meals.  I've already made and frozen pear puree and apple puree.

Ollie has discovered his hands!  They go into his mouth at every oppurtunity and when his mouth is occupied with a dummy, he rubs his hands together!  He is getting more to grips with holding on to something and reaching out for things and he has the strongest grip!  He likes holding my hand when I'm feeding his bottle :)

We went to our first mother and baby group last Friday and it was wonderful.  It was so relaxed, there was tea and toast, lots of kids running about and babies crawling and lots of other mummys to talk to.  I was nervous at first but everyone was really friendly and I acn't wait to go back this Friday.

On Saturday Ollie had his very first 1st birthday party to attend.  It was the birthday of my best friend Charlene's baby Josh.  They had an entertainer who sung nursery rhymes with the children.  Ollie was a little bit young to understand but I think he had fun seeing all that was going on around him.  It really struck me the very large difference between little Ollie and a child who is one!  The other babies were so grown up compared... and all this in the space of just 8 more months!  I want him to stay small and cuddly forever but at the same time it will be so so wonderful to see him develop into a happy and exciting toddler!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ollie's growing up!

Not reeeeeally but I am so surprised at how fast time is flying and how much he has grown and developed in that short space of 4 months!

My little baby is big... now weighing a whole stone (14lbs)!!  He is now able to lift his head, neck and shoulders CLEAR off the ground in tummy time and his head is so steady!  Ollie also likes to chat A LOT!  He babbles all the time and hardly ever cries now.  It's adorable.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ollie's first holiday!

Our first family holiday was a success.  Were back from 4 and a half lovely days of relaxing, eating lovely food and viewing the amazing Scottish sights and scenery!  It was great to have James for a long weekend instead of just the normal two days and Ollie kept quite happy almost the entire time!  It was so exciting bringing Ollie over to Scotland to meet his Great Grandparents (my Granny and Grandad) for the first time.  They were so pleased to meet him and spoilt him with cuddles hehe!

My Granny and Grandad moved to a place on the Scottish Borders called Kelso in May.  Kelso is a very picturesque, pretty and historical town with cobbled roads and old abbey ruins!  My Granny is an archaeologist so it is a brilliant location with lots of interesting things for her to see!

While we were in Kelso we saw a lot!  On Friday we went to visit my Uncle Damon and his children (my Auntie was picking my cousin Ellie up from boarding school so we didn't get to see much of them).  I got to meet my 6 year old twin cousins, Toby and Oscar, who I have never met before and also saw a cousin, Hamish, who I have not seen since he was a baby!  He is now 9!  They adored Ollie and gave him lots of cuddles!!  My Uncle built his own house and it's fabulous!  Hamish gave us the tour!

Friday was my Auntie Tammy's birthday so we all had a nice dinner together.  James and I made stuffed meatloaf for everyone and it went down a treat... Uncle Damon and the boys came up for cake later in the evening.

On Saturday we packed a picnic and went to Holy Island/ Lindisfarne.  There is a causeway you can drive over but only when the tide is out and when the tide comes in your stuck there until it goes out again!  We went over at 12 midday meaning that the tide was coming in and we could not leave until about 5.45pm!  Luckily there was plenty for us to do.  The Island was adorable... so so pretty... with a castle, saxon church, priory, gift shops, beach and little cafes.  Ollie enjoyed all the fresh air!  We got the best weather!

On Sunday we had a more relazed day and went to visit Uncle Damon again.  The scenery around their house is just amazing so we went for a short walk in the hills.  We then took Granny and Grandad out for dinner to a resturant called Cross Keys and they enjoyed it thoroughly!

The flights were fine both there and back... I thought the air pressure would hurt Ollie's ears but it didn't.  He had his dummy to suck on the whole way and he didn't cry at all the entire flight!

Not sure where we will go next but were definately going back to Scotland next August so we can see the Edinburgh Military Tattoo!!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm more nervous than I thought I would be!

Ollie is spending his first night away from home with my mum tonight.  I'm not nervous about my mum minding him for the whole night... I'm just nervous about missing him dreadfully... I don't know.  I guess the first time is supposed to be a bit scary.  I just wonder does he know he is going there and won't see me until tomorrow... and does he think were giving him away?  Who knows what little babies think!

When my mum picks him up James and I are going out for dinner... our first proper date night in a while.  Were going to Tony Roma's, a delicious steak and ribs restaurant in Belfast.  When we get home we are going to pack!!  I know... fun!  We have a long drive to Dublin tomorrow afternoon to catch the plane.  I'm nervous about taking Ollie on the plane too!  What if the air pressure hurts his ears the same way it hurts mine?

We are away from Tomorrow until Monday... I can't wait... it is our first family holiday and although we are not travelling far, I can't wait to get over to Scotland and relax with my grandparents... and it will be nice to have James off work for a few days!

I'll not say bye bye yet...

Monday, September 22, 2008

My blog keeping skills...

of late have been a bit more than awful...

I promise promise promise promise I'll make a little bit of time for myself to blog in the evenings.

Life has been hectic since we moved back here... we LOVE it and since moving back and seeing family and friends again... our social life has just exploded.  I know that's not a proper excuse and should not count as to why i haven't been blogging as much, because I love blogging and really should take that little bit of time out to post!

We now visit my mum for dinner every Sunday and we visit James mum for dinner ever Monday... other days I have been spending with my mum (hey, we have 2 years of only seeing each other once a month, to make up for) because she works near where we live and often she pops in to say hi before or after a shift (she is a nurse)... I've also been spending time with my best friend Charlene and her little 11 month old darling Josh.

James and I still have a lot of decluttering and organising to do on the house... we got a good bit done on Saturday when my mum took Ollie off us for a few hours.  We even had a date on Saturday!  Not something we get a chance to do much!!

I am going to be going to a mother baby group as of next Friday and I'm really looking forward to it.  It is about a 2 minute walk from my house and I'll be going with my friend Clare who has a 10 month old baby called Ruby.

This Thursday James, Ollie and I are heading off to Kelso in Scotland to visit my Granny and Granda.  It will be the first time they meet Ollie and Ollie is very excited to meet them.  I can't wait.  It isn't often that great grandparents get to meet their great grandchildren so we feel lucky that Ollie will have the chance.  I haven't seen them since my wedding in May of last year.

These are all the plans I have so far, but hopefully you get an idea of how busy I've been lately.  I am going to set aside time every day to do my blogging as I have really been missing it!!

O0o0oh and Ollie has had a couple of spoons of baby rice and he loved it!  He is 4 months this week so we are going to start weaning him properly either this week or next.  He is definately ready and I can't wait to let him try all the lovely food on offer!

He is also getting his vaccinations tomorrow.  Fun.

Anyways!  I hope you girls (and guys?) are all fab!  I'll be back very very soon with proper, regular blog posts, pics of Ollie, recipes etc etc... in fact I have one waiting here for stuffed meatloaf... huge success by the way!!

Emma xx

Ollie learnt how to laugh...

...and it was my mum that got the giggle out of him!  She tickled his belly.  This happened a couple of days ago and ever since I have been trying my hardest to tickle him in the same way and I just can't do it!  James hasn't made him laugh yet either!  I don't know the secret.... sigh...

Guess I'll keep trying and then eventually he will just have to laugh at my hilarious and desperate efforts!

Monday, September 15, 2008


My lovely little man didn't sleep through last night.  He woke for a feed at 3... at least we got 5 nights in a row from him though... maybe last night was a one off and he will go ack to sleeping right through again tonight hehe.  Fingers crossed... I was seriously enjoying it!

Friday, September 12, 2008

...he did it again!

I think were onto something with Ollie sleeping through the night.  This is awesome.  I feel so rested!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

sleep little baby!

My boy Ollie did it again last night... sleeping right through.  What a clever and angelic little guy!  You must have been crossing your fingers!!!  Keep them crossed because I'm enjoying these nights!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Oh my goodness... what a difference a whole nights sleep makes.  In... em...90 days I haven't really had an entire nights sleep... completly unbroken and deep... but last night little Ollie slept the whole way through!  Recently he has been going to be at 8.30 - 9.00 and I give him a dream feed (when he doesnt even wake up for it) at about 11.00 or so and then he wakes again for James to feed him at about 3.00am.  Well this morning James woke me to tell me that he hadn't needed to get up to feed him...

A WHOLE night!  The little man went without food from 11.00 - 7.00!  A whole 8 hours.

Hmm... I'm just wondering now though if it was a one off or if this is going to be the way it is going to be!  Fingers crossed pleeeeease!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend (kind of our first proper weekend here since we only moves in last weekend) back here in Belfast.

Friday night we had my best friend Charlene and her husband over for dinner as they had not seen the house yet.  They brought their adorable 11 month old son Josh also and he is nearly walking!  It was lovely to see her and catch up a bit after not seeing her since July!  Were both pretty excited to be living so close now and already have arrangements for next weekend!  The size of us (us, the husbands and the babies) are all going for lunch to Ed's Grill in Lisburn.

We went to St. George's Market which is in a massive indoor 'bit of everything' type market.  James and I both LOVE markets and neither of us had really been to this one and we loved it.  It is held weekly and we are definatly going to go back.  We picked up some angus burgers, smoked cheese and chilli burgers, spicy lamb burgers, steak and guinness sausages, chilli sausages and 2 tubs of fresh mixed seafood which we normally make into a chowder.  Our new freezer is now stocked!  Hubby and I have this dream of opening a stall ourselves... we would sell chilli.  James is by far the best chilli chef I have ever come across.  We have to investigate what it would cost though and what sort of a licence we would need but we reckon it would definately be a hit!

On Sunday we visited my mum.  She lives out in the fields in a darling little cottage.  We decided when we moved back we would have a set day that we visit my mum and stepdad for dinner and a set day that we visit James folks for dinner too.... that way, no matter how busy we are in the week, at least we get to see them both at least once.  We want to start some traditions with Ollie and think this is a nice one.  Anyway, this was our first Sunday doing this!  My mum cooked a lamb roast with all the trimmings.... roast potatoes, vegetables, yummy gravy and mint jelly. YUM!  After we had dinner we went for a walk down the road with Geordie the dog on a lead and Ollie in a pram :-)

It just feels so so awesome to be back.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ollie has started reeeeeeeeeeally babbling....we have long in depth conversations together now and it's just adorable.  It melts my heart :-)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I'm back for just this next couple of minutes... were at the inlaws for dinner so taking a quick 5 minutes to say Hi.

WERE MOVED!  Woohoo.... the house is still in a shambles but we nearly have it all together.  Our internet etc didn't get connected on Monday as expected but is happening on Friday instead.  That will be nearly 2 weeks without phone, internet or tv and to be completly honest it has been SOOOOOOOO tough! It's not like I am sitting at home with nothing to do though... far from it in fact hehe.

We are adoring our new house.... absolutely besotted with it and we are both just praying we will have enough of a deposit come January to get a mortgage and buy it.  Our new furniture suits the house so well and Ollie has really settled in.  It is so close to Belfast City Centre, so I can easily nip in on the bus to do a bit of shopping and that.

We are still so busy but I just wish in the evenings I could sit down and write my blog... Oh blog how I have missed you!!  And you guys!!

I really have been missing my menu plan mondays, talk about tuesdays etc etc and of course my 365... but don't worry... I've got a photo for every single day I have not been online all sitting here edited and ready to be blogged!

Ollie has really bloomed in the last couple weeks.  He still hasn't giggled but squeals with delight... I think he is just on the verge of laughing but not quite there.  He is gaining more support in his neck and loves loves loves looking around him.  He hardly sleeps during the day anymore and smiles so so much (at least I know I'm doing something right).  Kinda been feeling like a bad parent... neglecting him all weekend and the last couple of days so I can get the hosue in order while James is in work.  Wish I had more hands!!!

I will be back on Saturday morning probably.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quick Update!

Having no internet is soooooooooooooooooo boring!!  I'm really starting to realise just how long I spend on it!  Having no tv is just as bad... I'm missing out on my daily doses of Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill and Hollyoaks... boo...

I officially hate packing... it just makes the boredom even more boring... but at least we are nearly done.

My mum and Harry are arriving on Friday morning (they are driving a removal van down from belfast) and the plan is to pack as quickly as we possibly can... give the place a quick vacuum and dust and be on our way, never to return.  When we get to our new house which is about 2 and a half hours away we quickly have to measure everywhere, unload the van and drive the van to Ikea.... I LOVE Ikea... we have already picked out some items of furniture... now just to go to the store and order it all.  Then... stack it in the van (it's all flat pack) and home again.

I don't know how long it will take to build all the furniture but hopefully we can do it all in the one day and spend the rest of the weekend unpacking and tidying.

I'm sooooooooooo excited about this new house and we just havhe to wait and see which way the housing market goes and see if it is in our interest to buy the house in January... or wait a few months longer.  The market here is just hectic.

We hope to have tv and internet and phone all set up on Monday... I'm counting the days hehe.

Ollie is 12 weeks tomorrow... can you even believe it?  The weeks are totally flying by and in just a few more weeks we will be trying him on some solids.  How exciting that must be for a baby... can you imagine having only milk 4 or 5 times a day for that many weeks!!

Talk Soon!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Packing for the move...

is going ok.... were mad busy and this week we also have no internet.  I am currently sitting in an internet cafe trying to write a couple of posts.  We also have no digital tv.  This week should be a boring one but unfortunately I'll be too busy to notice hehe!  So this is just to say incase you don't see me this is the reason why.  Hope everyone keeps well while I am gone and see you after the move!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

o0o0oh Girly Night!

I am SO EXCITED!  My friend Aimee and I (she was my best ever friend through high school) kind of lost touch after leaving school but have since got back in touch and to be honest it feels as if we NEVER stopped talking.  Things are as good now as they ever were in the old days and were both really glad we are back in touch.  Aimee has been in Greece for the last few months and she is now back... she has not yet met Ollie but she is coming on Saturday to stay over at mine!  A proper girly night like old times.  I can't wait to sit up all night talking and drining wine!  Eek!  It's been so long since I had a girly event to look forward to!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ollie's gonna party!

Hehe... that's right... Ollie has been invited to a first birthday party.  My best friend Charlene's little boy Josh is turning 1 in October and she is throwing a teddy bear picnic themed party!  Ollie is beyond excitement hehe.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Life is hectic right now!

Eek!  I haven't been able to post until now... except for the one liner about music!  I've still been taking my 365 photos though and just posted 3 in a row below :)  Things here are just getting on top of me and I've been drowning in a load of washing and ironing.  I haven't had an empty laundry basket since Ollie arrived but I'm just about on top of it now.

There have been roadworks outside our house for the last 2 days... and whatever they are doing has made the water murky!  Tap water here is totally drinkable but I seriously would not touch the stuff at the minute.  When it settles it is full of little brown speckles!  As Ollie takes formula I had to go to the shop today to buy some of the ready made stuff because we can't use the tap water and bottled water is a no-no for babies.  The ready made stuff is so expensive though!  I bought 8 cartons... enough to last until tomorrow lunchtime and it cost me just as much as a tub of powdered formula (which incidently, would last us entire week!!).

The last few nights we have been working very hard at trying to get Ollie into a bedtime routine... we have had so many unsuccessful attempts at putting him to bed at the reasonable bedtime of about 9.  It has kind of worked the last couple of nights though (fingers crossed I haven't jinxed it!!).  It takes a couple of trips into the room to setlle him again but he is usually crashed out completly from about 10!  He then wakes up for his normal middle of the night feed.  Only problem now is trying to get him sleep a little longer in the morning.  because he is going to bed earlier, he is getting up at about 5.30!

Our to-do lists for moving are MASSIVE!  We have to steam the sofas and other items of furniture to make them look sparkly new for the landlords... when we moved in I broke a hanging picture so we have to find a similar picture to replace it with and hope they don't notice...EVERYTHING needs dusted, organised, vacuumed, washed and then lastly... packed!  We have already packed and sent some stuff up to the new house so thankfully there is not as much needing done as there COULD be.

There are only 3 weeks left until we move and I can't wait!  I'm so so excited to be near my friends and family again and also can't wait to live in our new house (and have a garden!! Let's hope silly Ireland weather plays ball and gives us at least a couple of weeks for a barbecue!!)

This weeked the inlaws are coming to stay (james is doing his driving test again on Monday so his dad is coming down to do a little bit of practice driving... keep your fingers crossed for him please!).  On Sunday night my mum is coming down to stay because James will be back up in Belfast preparing for his test on monday morning and it will be our first night apart since Ollie was born.  It doesn't stop there though... on Monday night m brother and his girlfriend are coming to stay and on Thursday James sister and her boyfriend are coming over from London to stay a couple of nights.

Like i said hectic!  Have a great weekend folks :)


Monday, August 4, 2008


Hubby and I are both going to get another tattoo each... I'm so excited... I LOVE tattoos and am currently a little bored of the ones I already have.  They are so plain... I'm going to get them added to and jazzed up a little... hubby is oing for a brand new forearm piece (itll be big... how brave!).  I can't wait.  We have been watching LA Ink (cool show!) recently and it's just got us in the mood to get some more.  I'm so unimaginative when it comes to thinking up a design though... hmmm....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Busy bee!

I've been very busy as of late which is probably the reason why my posts have been kinda lacking in substance!  Ollie has been a very fussy baby the last while and when I'm not cuddling my little one I'm trying to get the chores done, the ones I didn't get to do because I was cuddling Ollie! Hehe!  I never thought there would be so much work involved in being a mother and I'm really kept on my toes.  I'd rather that than things be boring though!  We are also in the process of getting ready to move house 120 miles away.  As this is our first home together we have never really moved house before and it's going to be great... just so much preparation before we go!

I need to de-clutter... so any de-clutter tips would be SUPER welcome.  It would be such a help if I could rid this house of half my stuff!  I also need to go around the house and make a list of things that need fixed before the landlords come to view the house (to see if we deserve our deposit back) at the end of the month.

So excited for the move back to Belfast though.  I've been in Dublin for 2 and a half years now and I really feel like I have had enough.  It's a hard city to live in, not to mention the cost of living.  I'm looking forward to being back in Belfast, back to what I know and super close to everyone I love... my family and my best friends.

It's hard being excited though because there is so much to do before we go!!!

Emma xx

Monday, July 28, 2008

Today I'm writing about...

While thinking about this week's theme - Heartbreak... I couldn't put my finger on a time I had felt heartbroken... in the sense that first comes to mind... you know, romantically! I've never had my heart broken by someone else (luckily). When I think of it in another way... something that breaks my heart is my son crying.

Ollie is 7 weeks old now and I can honestly say I have never heard such a stress inducing and heartbreaking noise. I had heard other people's children cry before but it just never had the same effect. I guess the effect it has on me is what nature designed it to! I immediately run to him to see what the matter is, what's hurting him or upsetting him. Something clicks as soon as you hear the cry, you drop what your doing and your only goal in that moment is to help your baby feel better.

It's hard knowing sometimes what he is crying about. Either he is in pain, windy, uncomfortable, tired, bored, hungry.... there are so many reasons! Recently, as his personality is developing, he is developing different sounds to his cries. I'm beginning to understand his cry of hunger and his cry of pain. Sometimes he cries but makes no tears... this cry generally tells me he just wants a cuddle and it always does the trick.

It breaks my heart sometimes when he cries and cries and hubby and I can find no explanation to the upset. Sometimes I end up crying. It must be so frustrating from his side not being able to just tell us the problem... instead he waits for us to guess and this must break his heart because sometimes we don't guess for a long time... sometimes a whole evening!

Poor boy. It must be hard being a baby.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A bar for babies not really...but close.

Hubby and I went out today (we haven't been out much in the last number of weeks) for lunch to our favourite spot... The Market Bar.  Now as a rule most people would avoid going into a bar (or pub) with a pram... it's just not the done thing... but at The Market Bar it seems ok to do just that.  The Market Bar is a very large space and is mainly a restuarant serving tapas style food... people take their prams there so they can have a lovely lunch and a little drink and not have to worry about where to sit the pram because there is just so so much space.  Anyways... we were there today and it suddenyl occured to us that every couple or at the very least, every other couple that came in, was pushing a pram!  I've seen people take a pram into The Market Bar before, but today was like nothing else I have ever seen.  It was a little like going to a mother baby group or something rather being in one of the top bars in the area that turned into a hot place to be at night.  Strange!  It is a lovely place though... we shared a small toulouse sausage and bean stew, calamari, feta salad and fishcakes.  It is also the only bar that I have every seen that has a baby changing room!

Emma xx

Catch Up

Ollie is now weighing a healthy 10lbs and 8oz and he is definately looking a lot larger (and longer).  Sometimes I notice it most when he stretches out on his changing mat.  I definately notice a difference when I'm just holding him.  He seems to be getting slightly colicky again after it dying down for a while so we are back on the infacol and it's helping.  Ollie is due to get his jabs next week... polio, tetanus etc etc etc.... and I'm so nervous.  He had the heel prick test before and screamed the place down, also had his blood taken before and it was awful seeing him so upset.

Ollie is starting to babble at us and making sounds of annoyance and delight.  All in all he is more tuneful than ever before and it's lovely hearing him make new noises.  I think we have heard a giggle on a couple of occasions.  He is smiling occasionally... more and more every day.  Oh and I'm not sure if I mentioned but he had his 6 week check and he is just perfect.  Their only concern was his head control... he is a bit on the floppy side so we are giving him plenty of tummy time to help hims trengthen his little neck muscles!

James is due to finish work on the last Friday of August so only a few weeks to go and then he moves to the same company but in the north of Ireland.  He worked in the same place before we got relocated down here.  His current workplace are taking him for leaving drinks and I'm hoping my mum will travel down to look after Ollie so I can go too.  I haven't had a night out in what seems like forever.  The last time my mum was down (on my birthday) she offered to take Ollie into her room for the night to do the night feeds and get up when he needed.  James and I got to sleep the whole night.  It was lovely.

It's only 5 weeks now until we move into our new house and I can't wait.  I'm slowly but surely getting fed up of this shoe-box sized apartment with no bath (only a shower).  I can't wait to take baths again.  Also, our new house is right beside a lovely, big park so I hope the weather is still good when we move back!  I also can't wait to be back up north and be close to my BEST FRIEND Charlene.  I've missed her loads while I have been here in Dublin.

Sorry for the super random post... things here have been mad the last week and a bit with Ollie being upset quite a bit during the day and me not even having time to tidy the house... yup weve been living in a mess lately.

Will get back to regular posting soon... not just my 365 series :)

Hope all is well with everyone!

Emma xx

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Can you believe that my little Ollie now weighs 10lbs 8 ounces...!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I need motivation!

I am the worst person in the world at dieting and I'm even worse at exercising!  But I need to... I have a little pouch tummy at the minute that is driving me insane.... we got wii fit and everything... but I can't seem to stop eating unhealthy fast food and takeout and can't seem to do wii fit for long enough that it makes a pick of difference.

I'm not soooo sad... I think I have done pretty well for having only given birth 6 and a half weeks ago.. but I know if I put my mind to it I could have my pre-pregnancy (well not EXACTLY) figure back pretty soon!!

This little pouch is just driving me nuts!

I need inspiration and motivation and someone to tell me to just GET ON WITH IT!  Darn me, my laziness and love of unhealthy food.

Emma xx


I've tried a few times putting Ollie down at a sensible bedtime hour only for him to be screaming from his cot 5 minutes later.... tonight though (cross my fingers) it seems to have worked.  I put him down at 9.10 and it is now 9.40... a whole half hour and he is snoring!  I'll quietyl feed him in the dark at 11.30 and hopefully he will settle down for the night.... everyone cross fingers!  James and I are relaxing with some wine and each other's company :)

Pleeeeeeeeease stay sleeping little one!

Emma xx

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's my birthday!

Woohoo!  Got lovely gifts today... I got the new Kylie Minogue perfume... it's delicious... a brand new super dooper top of the range hairdryer... gift card for my fave lingerie store... a couple of tops... sparkling rose and chocolate from hubby along with some money for new clothes (i have nothing to wear post-pregnancy! hehe)... a guide to handling a baby (it's a funny book... from Ollie) oh and new pretty pyjamas... something else I don't really have any of post-pregnancy... :)

I'm spoilt!  My mum and stepdad are also down from Belfast to cook me dinner :)

Yay for birthdays!!

Emma xx

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


You should seriously see the mess my house gets in these days!  Occasionally it is sparkling clean but this last about 5 minutes and then it is a mess again.  I never imagined that having a baby woul create THAT much extra laundry... when it was just James and I, we would have put the washing machine on once every 3 days... now we are using it at least once every day!  Also... our apartment is just so tiny and the amount of 'things' we have for the baby just take over and ooze out of every corner!  (Roll on the house move!).

So anyway... I have decided that enough is enough and I have revamped my daily and weekly routines to take into account that I now have a baby.  When I wrote my routine before... I was still pregnant and Ollie had not yet been born.

Here it is:

Everyday Routines:


Get up at the same time as Hubby (7am)
Make the bed (change if necessary)
Feed and change Ollie, bath and get him ready for the day
When Ollie settles, get myself washed and ready for the day
Check calendar and to do list
Wipe down the shower, sink and toilet and hang towels neatly
Sterilise bottles for the day
Put in a load of laundry to wash
Iron the previous days washed laundry
Empty the dishwasher and clear up Hubby's breakfast dishes

Evening and Night

Start dinner as soon as Hubby comes home
Clean up as I go in the kitchen and put dishwasher on
Fold laundry when it is dry to iron tomorrow morning
Make sure a shirt is ironed for Hubby
Layout everyone's clothes for tomorrow
Sterilise bottles for night and first one in the morning

Week Routine by Day:

Clean the floors
Vacuum and dust

Clean bathroom
Change towels in bathroom

Change bed
Wash bedclothes
Write meal plan and grocery List

Vacuum and dust
Order Groceries

Sort paperwork and bills
Straighten drawers and closets

Saturday:No housework

Sunday:No Housework

Also... I have decided to start my own Home Management Binder (Control Journal, Household Notebook... call it what you will!).  Does anyone else have one of these?  I'll post pictures when I get it started! :)

Bring on the new more organised me!!

Emma xx

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Things I didn't know before becoming a mum

Motherhood is so scary!  This is the first thing I didn't know.  I assumed there would be times when I would worry and wonder but I had no idea that it would be ALL the time.  I don't worry and wonder unhealthily though... there is just a slight, underlying feeling of always worrying that Ollie is ok and wondering if he is really happy.  I wonder constantly if he is pleased with the parents he got or if he finds us insanely annoying and wishes he were born to someone a little... cooler!

I didn't know that I would ever feel as much love for someone or that it was even POSSIBLE.  He is the first thing I think of when I open my eyes and he is my very last thought when I fall asleep.  I fall asleep wondering about what will happen in the life of our family of three and how we will all grow together and what kind of a man Ollie will be someday.

I didn't know that he would cry so much!  Having never had much experience with babies I thought they slept so much more and cried much less.  I feel so sad when he cries, especially when you know he is crying because he is having tummy pains or something similar.

Another thing that really surprised me... in becoming a mum I didn't realise that I'd fall even more in love with my husband!  He has really taken to fatherhood and is a natural.  He is so confident that I could swear he had a secret baby somewhere that he has been practicing with for years!!!  I knew our relationship would change and I had heard horror stories... I wasn't expecting it to change so so much for the better!  We appreciate each other more and make more of an effort to help one another.

Some of my favourite times of the day are when I'm feeding Ollie.  He is 5 weeks now and is learning to grasp onto things and occasionally he will grasp onto the bottle himself... and occasionally he will grab hold of my hand while I feed him.  The eye contact he gives while feeding melts my heart... he doesn't look away and he hardly blinks.

I had no idea how important I would feel.  Before I had Ollie I didn't feel that important... I was just another person... sure enough I was a great wife to James (hehe) and this made me feel important but not in the way having a child makes you feel.  He is totally reliant on me and I am responsible for his happiness and wellbeing!

I didn't know I could take so many photos of a baby and still want more more more... the proof is in my blog huh? Hehe.

Sometimes being a mum is tiring, frustrating and worrying but the good times totally outweigh these little things.  The content look on his face when he has a clean nappy on... or the sleepy grin he gives when I get him from his cot in the morning... sleeping all cuddled up in my bed after hubby has left for work... I was made to be a mummy for Ollie :)  He is my reason for being.

Emma xx

Friday, July 11, 2008


So glad to have James home now for 2 whole days :)  I might have a lye-in tomorrow morning!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

How's Ollie doing?

Brilliant is the short answer...
  • He now weighs 9lbs 9... nearly 10lbs!  Hard to believe that some people give birth to babies this big.  I'm really noticing a difference in his size... :)

  • He is getting strong... especially his neck.  He loves lifting his head up and looking around... especially when lying on your chest... his favourite place to be.

  • When lying on your chest he now grasps your clothing either side as if he is giving a hug (or just hanging on!)

  • Ollie is getting better at sleeping!  Last night he slept from 10.30pm until 5am this morning!

  • He is now using the bigger bottles!

  • Today I could have sworn I heard a giggle... very short... but a sound of delight nonetheless...

  • ...and he smiles loads!  They still aren't big grins... but they are definately smiles and not just the windy type.  As soon as I got him from his cot this morning and put him down in the bed beside me I got the biggest cheesiest grin from him that we have seen so far.

  • Ollie now follows us across the room (with his eyes hehe).  He definately recognises James and I and our voices.

  • He is 5 weeks today!

  • He makes little contented noises when he is happy... makes chomping noises when given his dummy... and slurpy content noises when drinking!  Sometimes he squeaks when he sleeps too.  It's adorable.
Emma xx

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My son SO does not share my music taste!

After Ollie had been crying for what seemed like forever this morning... I put on the tv to see if music would calm him down.  I had the volume up quite a bit and was surfing the music channels... MTV, MTV Hits, MTV2, MTV Base... Ollie still crying... MTV Dance... Ollie stopped crying and looked at me in amazement.  This was the video that was on.  I am not particularly keen on club type music but Ollie was happy so on I went about my business, only to look at him a minute later to find the music had put him to sleep!

At least I know now what will work in future but seriously... how strange!

Emma xx

July is...

MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!! o0o0o0oh!

100 things I'm grateful for...

  1. My Son Oliver.

  2. My Husband.

  3. My Mum.

  4. My Dad.

  5. My brothers.

  6. Music (and ipods!).

  7. Colours.

  8. Email.

  9. Blogs.

  10. Good surprises.

  11. Friends.

  12. Books.

  13. Ability to learn.

  14. My 5 senses!

  15. Telephone.

  16. Hot baths.

  17. Kisses.

  18. Hugs.

  19. My good health.

  20. My camera.

  21. Air.

  22. Memories.

  23. A roof over my head.

  24. Being able to be a SAHM.

  25. Dogs.

  26. Ability to think for myself.

  27. My limbs.

  28. My brain.

  29. Rain.

  30. Sun.

  31. Beaches.

  32. Airplanes.

  33. My cosy bed.

  34. Laughter.

  35. Motherhood.

  36. Being a woman.

  37. Marriage.

  38. Sex.

  39. Money.

  40. Being able to smile.

  41. Doctors.

  42. Coca Cola.

  43. Salt.

  44. Dessert.

  45. Chocolate.

  46. Fast Food.

  47. Clothes.

  48. Internet.

  49. Movies.

  50. Walking.

  51. Fruit.

  52. The colour pink.

  53. Comedy.

  54. Long meaningful conversations.

  55. Sleep.

  56. Ikea.

  57. Hair cuts.

  58. Blog comments :)

  59. Text messages.

  60. Calm quiet moments.

  61. Pesto Pasta.

  62. Prawns.

  63. Indian Food....

  64. White Zinfandel...

  65. Electricity.

  66. Pay day.

  67. The ability to entertain myself.

  68. Surviving high school.

  69. Jeans.

  70. Healthy teeth.

  71. My mum's cooking.

  72. Microwaves.

  73. Mashed potato.

  74. Summer.

  75. Freebies.

  76. Baby smiles.

  77. A good cook for a husband.

  78. Social networking sites.

  79. My mum's husband and how happy he makes her.

  80. My dad inspiring me to take photos.

  81. Flickr.

  82. Nice breezes.

  83. Flowers.

  84. Parcels in the post.

  85. The crispy skin on roast chicken...

  86. Any roast dinner.

  87. Pretty things.

  88. Having a loving family.

  89. People that care.

  90. People that listen.

  91. Birthdays.

  92. Opportunity.

  93. My hubby's job.

  94. The money we have in savings.

  95. My granny and grandad.

  96. The park near our house.

  97. My mum's support.

  98. My new Wii Fit.

  99. My crappy job where I met my hubby.

  100. Lists!

I feel grumpy...

because... it's 11.43pm... Ollie will wake for a feed in approximately 3 hours... it will take half hour to feed him and another half hour to settle him then he will sleep until approximately 6ish... I didn't sleep more than 2 hours last night... I had a nap today for just a couple of hours so I am shattered... I'm super shattered and have settled Ollie, but the apartment above us is playing their tv too loud and hubby is snoring! (I need silence).

What to do? :(

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hubby and I had a date!

This week James' mum has been staying with us.  She has been helpful and is currently helping to finish knitting the blanket I started (I didnt get a chance to finish because he came early and now that he is here I dont have enough time to knit the rest.  I am a slow knitter, she is a fast knitter.)

Anyways... tonight James and I went out on our own.  The first time we have been alone together in 3 weeks.  It was lovely but we only stayed out a couple of hours because we missed Ollie too much.

We went to a place nearby called Jo' Burger.  DELICIOUS!!  Such a cool and relaxed atmosphere... weird music... lovely menu... I got a lamb burger with brie, bacon and avocado (with mango salsa) and a side of sweet potato fries.  Hubby got a beef burger with balsamic pineapple and cheese on top and a side of potato fries and corn on the cob.

It was nice to get out and talk just the two of us for a little while.  I have to admit it felt so strange holding hands.  We haven't held hands in 3 weeks because one of us has always been pushing the pram!! :)

Love my hubby...

It was lovely to come home and cuddle Ollie...

Emma xx

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Being a Mum

Being a mum is hard.  To be honest, I have found the last couple of weeks a lot harder than I had imagined they would be and find that I didn't expect Ollie to cry so much.  At first I felt so unsure of myself and had so little confidence and this made me worry about every little thing I did with him... was I holding him right?  Was I feeding him right?  I think I had trouble getting used to being a mum at the start because the birth was, in my opinion, a little traumatic and I think this got in the way of Ollie's and my immediate bond.  Also because my stitches were so bad I found it hard to sit down and cuddle him comfortably and everything I did hurt a lot.  Feeling in pain constantly made me a little miserable. (Gosh I hope this post isn't making me sound awful)

James has been sooooo confident with Ollie and he is a brilliant dad.  He is a natural.  In the beginning I really thought I was a bit useless but I think this was down to my hormones.  I felt like he was better than me at everything and I was so scared to do anything that he did incase I did it wrong.  I even dunked Ollie in the bath by mistake and ended up in tears.

The past week though I really feel as if I have bloomed as a mummy.  I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of everything and feel a super strong bond there between Ollie and myself.  His little face makes me so happy.  I even gave him a bath yesterday all by myself with no-one else in the house and Ollie LOVED it.

I didn't know being a mummy would be as hard as it is... but I'm really enjoying it and were never bored anymore.  There is always something to keep us on our toes.  Ollie will be 3 weeks on Thursday and I honestly cannot imagine life without him here.  Every day is different and I notice something new and exciting and interesting about him and his little personality.  I heart my family of 3.

Emma xx

Wanted to share some excitement...

I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans!  So the other day I was going through my wardrobe to see what old stuff I could wear and yup... I fit into them.  I have to admit I have a TINY bit of a pouch belly but 2 and 1/2 weeks after I've had a baby!!!  I'm pleased with myself!  I even got to wear a dress that was in my wardrobe that I've never worn before and I bought it pre-pregnancy!! :D

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baby Routine

AAAAGH... my baby thinks daytime is nighttime and nighttime is daytime... how do I fix this???

Emma xx

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nappies :)

It would seem that Oliver is saving his worst nappies for his daddy and his granny to change.  Any time I go to change him they are just wet... no poop :)  Maybe he thinks he put me through enough with giving birth to him that he is taking it easy on me for a little while.  THANKS OLLIE :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This is the life!

Family life is just fabulous.  Were all settling in really well.  Last night Ollie woke just once for a change and a feed at 3.00 which means I had a full 6 hours sleep.  I feel like a different woman today.  His routine is going ok.  Were feeding him every 4 hours so at night James does his last feed and change at 11pm.  I do the 3am feed and then we get up at 7am with James doing the morning feed.  This is our compromise because James has to work.  He does the first and last feed of the day and I do the middle of the night one.

My mum has been here since Monday and is going home on Friday but you should see my house!!  She has really put my cleaning skills to shame.  My house has NEVER looked this good and I wish she could stay forever.  Tried bribing her with hugs from Ollie if she would stay hehe.  As tempting an offer as this was... she had to decline.  It's been brilliant having her around here though.  Think she is enjoying it also... she has new to grannyhood.  This one is her first grandchild.

Ollie is doing well.  He is slightly jaundiced but this is going away.  We were signed off by the midwife yesterday because she is happy with his progress.

James and I are getting on better than ever and working really well as a team.  I seem to be feeling so much more love for him since Ollie arrived.. he is so good with him and so confident.  Makes him sexy! Hehe.

Breastfeeding has not worked... but I'm expressing and he adores the breastmilk so im happy :) He latches on well but then doesn't suck.  Not sure why... it could have something to do with his jaundice and him being a bit lazy/ sleepy but I'm glad he is having my milk anyway.  Expressing isn't bad... it's actually more convenient because when my boobs get sore I can stop at anytime for a rest and do it as slowly as I like and when I want to do it.  I'm expressing enough to cover all his feeds without having to top him up with formula.  Midwife was the one who helped me get expressing... they werent helpful with the breastfeeding at the hospital at all and didn't encourage it.  

I've been out and about with the pram a couple of times now.  It's strange pushing around the baby I've been carrying inside me for so long!!  I feel like going out with the pram more... just to show off hehe but I'm still very sore and tired.

Have to say all in all I'm very proud of myself...Ollie and James... I think were great!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Birth Story!

Wednesday 4th I went into the kitchen about 10.30pm to make something to eat. This was when I had my first contraction and I remember it vividly. I carried on making something to eat and went into the bedroom. The pains got gradually worse in my back and I sat on my gym ball for a little while. I wasn't sure at this point whether or not I was having real contractions because they felt just like backache. I searched google and James noticed I had typed in "what do contractions feel like" and he said it probably wasn't contractions hehe. Shows how much he knew.

After a couple of hours and pains getting worse I told James that maybe we should go to hospital because the pain didn't feel like anything I had ever had before. We got a taxi to the hospital with our bag and everything ready to have a baby :)

One we were there I was monitored for a while by a really lovely nurse who made me feel really calm about things. They said as I was not dilated any I was not in labour but that it was definitely contractions I was having. As we live so close to the hospital I decided to go home and monitor things myself.

At 3.00am we returned home and got into bed and started timing the contractions. They were every 3 - 5 minutes. James and I must both have fallen asleep soon after because at 5.00am I woke up and asked James when the last one had been and he said 40 minutes ago. I was so disappointed that they had stopped. So on Thursday 5th he went off to work because there was no point in him taking a day when nothing was happening. I went back to sleep and got up at 8am. As soon as I stepped out of bed I had the wildest shooting pain. I knew it was starting again.

Very excitedly I called James to tell him they had started again but not to come home just yet as they weren't bad. I just rested in bed with my laptop and dozed a little. At 9.30am I called James to come home because the contractions were getting bad quite fast.

I have to say that I got a lot of relief from the contractions from my shower. Hot showers really made them better for me and also my gym ball. I found that I couldn't stand through a contraction so I sat and bounced. It really helped.

By the time James got home contractions were 2 minutes apart and very very bad but I was able to manage for a couple more hours. We went to hospital at 11.30.

First of all I was examined and immediately marked on the chart as being in labour and at 2cm dilated. I was so excited to hear this as I was disappointed before when I was told I was having contractions but no labour. I had a lovely midwife come in, check all my stats, inform me of my choices of pain relief and she then told me that she was ready to break my waters. WHAT A WEIRD FEELING! So bizarre having them broken. It felt like I had wet myself.

I tried for as long as I could without pain relief and then opted for an epidural but took some gas and air before the anesthetist could make it round. The gas and air did nothing for me at all which scared me as I'd heard such good reports. It just made me vomit. Such a horrible feeling being sick while having a contraction.

My contractions were very very bad and every 2 minutes. If I had known how bad they were going to get I wouldn't have bothered coming in the night before. What I thought was painful then was nothing compared. I think I asked about a hundred times for the epidural. I was moved to one of the delivery rooms and the student midwife introduced herself. She was lovely and made me feel so relaxed. Epidural still had not arrived and it seemed like forever since I had requested it. I asked for the pethidine injection to take the edge off until she arrived but just as I was about to be given it the anesthetist arrived.

The epidural was SCARY! The woman told me that I had to stay completely still throughout or there was a risk of paralysis or nerve damage if she hit a wrong spot in my back. It took longer than I thought. I thought it would literally take about 2 minutes but it took about 10. I had at least 4 contractions during this time and each one was stronger than the one before and the thought of having to stay perfectly still while enduring the pain or risk paralysis was awful. It was the hardest thing in the world to not move at all but my husband was very good at helping keeping me calm. I remember asking them to just cut him out and really believing at the time that that would be better.

Once the epidural started to take effect I was in my element. It was so weird having the strong pressure of the contractions but not the pain I had been feeling the night before and all morning. James says that is when it got a bit boring because he then was not needed hehe. We just sat and chatted and listened to music on the radio. He took himself off for a break for something to eat and I tried to rest as much as possible. I had regular examinations and was dilating steadily. Apparently I was dilating and things were happening at text book speed with nothing at all to worry about.

I was told at about 8.00pm that I was fully dilated and ready to push and things all happened very quickly. Before I knew it there were 5 people around the bed. I can't quite remember why there were so many people. There was the student midwife, a couple normal midwives, James and a student Dr (who I might add was a bit strange. He was there a while earlier and for a training Dr. he was very easily embarrassed. He blushed every time I was being examined!). The main midwife showed me how to push and I had to hold my legs up myself... so strange when you have had an epidural and can't feel them! The student Dr. and James helped me hold each leg.

Pushing was hell! I won't lie. I was so scared. More than I have ever been in my life, but time passed so fast. The main midwife was yelling at me like she was the commentator at a horse race... "aaaand we see the head, we see the head, just one more push and we will have a baby... come on come on one more push". Bizarre. I had a panic attack during the pushing because I really believed at one point I couldn't do it and there were all these people looking at me. I don't remember much more after this except being able to feel the baby's head myself. The Dr. was then called for and before I knew it the end was off the bed and I was in the stirrup things instead. The baby's heartbeat was dropping rather fast and they were worried about him so the Dr. told me she would have to use suction on him. The suction didn't work so she had to use forceps and also episiotomy. I got very dizzy at this point and with one great big pull from the Dr and a lot of blood, there was my baby on my tummy.

Oliver Charlie James Hughes was born at 8.49pm weighing 8lbs 1oz after 10 hours of established labour.

I remember thinking how MASSIVE he looked and then thinking how identical to the 4d scan he looked also. We did not get skin to skin for very long because he was taken away to be checked and put in an incubator.

I was given the vitamin K injection (it made me sick) and stitched up (now when I feel my stitches I am convinced they didnt stitch me up straight but we will have to see with time hehe). I can also remember asking many times if he was ok, being told he was fine and not believing them.

Oliver and I spent the first night apart. I can't remember why but I think I must have looked distressed and exhausted. It really made me miss him and I think this probably helped with us bonding given that labour was a bit traumatic... I missed him and had to pull out my camera to see photos I had taken a while earlier. He was brought back in his little crib at about 5am and I have been the happiest since. :-) I felt so much love the minute I saw him and the love has only increased each day.

I developed a hematoma on my 'bits' right under the stitches so it was extremely hard to sit up to cuddle him but we found our ways and neither of us has gone short!! hehe. The hematoma meant I had to stay in 2 nights so they could make sure the swelling was going down, but we got home on Saturday.

Were now settled in at home and James and I are loving every minute of being parents. It's really hard and very scary but were doing well. It's not hard in a bad way but in an exciting and fun way. I can't stop looking at Oliver now and have taken so many pictures!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Welcome to the world Oliver

Oliver Charlie James Hughes was born at 8.49pm on 5th June 2008 weighing 8lbs and 1 ounce. All 3 of us are doing very well and are having fun adjusting to family life. Oliver is just so handsome and worth the pain. I will write a proper account of the birth when we have all settled in a little more and I get some free time.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


...think they might be starting again!  Ouchy but exciting!

Bump Watch + Contractions

Ouchy. Skin... stretching... Notice how it has dropped though. It is sitting much lower than before. 

Well here I sit at 8am having had a painful and restless night.  Contractions started at 10pm and got strong and regular very fast.  When we rang for a taxi at 12.30am they were every 7 minutes and when we got checked in at the hospital, they were every 5.  The hospital told me that I was not dilated at all but my womb was softening and she thought I would be in labour within the next 24 hours.

We decided to come home because we live so close to the hospital anyway and the thought of my own bed, shower, tv and fridge to keep me occupied sounded better than the hospital.  We arrived home at about 3.00am.

Contractions kept coming and were at 3 minutes apart at the fastest but they seemed to slow down then.  At 5am I fell asleep and this morning I woke with nothing.  So frustrating!!  I have since had just one contraction and hope things take off again.  Could it be that my body was so so tired what with being awake all day and contractions only starting at night, and they stopped so my body could rest... if so... I'm rested now... BRING ON THE PAIN!!

Fingers crossed everyone... I want to meet my little man today!