Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm more nervous than I thought I would be!

Ollie is spending his first night away from home with my mum tonight.  I'm not nervous about my mum minding him for the whole night... I'm just nervous about missing him dreadfully... I don't know.  I guess the first time is supposed to be a bit scary.  I just wonder does he know he is going there and won't see me until tomorrow... and does he think were giving him away?  Who knows what little babies think!

When my mum picks him up James and I are going out for dinner... our first proper date night in a while.  Were going to Tony Roma's, a delicious steak and ribs restaurant in Belfast.  When we get home we are going to pack!!  I know... fun!  We have a long drive to Dublin tomorrow afternoon to catch the plane.  I'm nervous about taking Ollie on the plane too!  What if the air pressure hurts his ears the same way it hurts mine?

We are away from Tomorrow until Monday... I can't wait... it is our first family holiday and although we are not travelling far, I can't wait to get over to Scotland and relax with my grandparents... and it will be nice to have James off work for a few days!

I'll not say bye bye yet...


  1. Ohh good luck. That first night away from baby is always an axious one, but you and your hubs must enjoy every moment of your dinner.
    having travelled on 8 hour flights with babies, I recommend feeding Ollie during take off and landing so the pressure in his ears doesn't shock him. Worked for me. have a lovely trip!

  2. Ugh. I haven't left James for a night yet, I'm soooo not ready! Flights hurt my ears too, but it didn't bother James's at all, so maybe you'll get lucky too!

  3. Good luck, and enjoy your holiday :-)

  4. Your stats are probably telling you that you have a stalker from Edmonton :) I wanna see Scotland pictures!! And how was the plane ride?