Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary To Us!

It was our Anniversary on Thursday (26th May).... our 4th!!  I can't believe I have been married to my awesome/ handsome husband for 4 years now.  We've been together for 7!  I'm a very lucky lady to have him as my husband.

We didn't celebrate our anniversary until Saturday.  My mum took Ollie to her house from Friday until Sunday morning.

We started our date day with a lovely lie-in.... and then we got ready and went to the Spring Continental Market in Belfast.  I have only ever been to the Christmas one.  We love it!  There are tons of stalls that sell interesting gifts and foods.  James had an Ostrich burger for lunch followed by a Bratwurst in a bun!  I had a large tray of hog roast (done on a spit with stuffing and everything.... delicious).  We picked up some brownies, some fancy sausage and macaroons.

After the market we went to Clements for coffee (I had an iced mochaccino and James had a tea) and to read our books.  I love doing that.... so relaxing!

For dinner we went to a place we have wanted to go to a few times!  Zen.  It's an Asian/ Japanese restaurant and it's pretty fancy!  More food!  For starters I had pumpkin and asparagus tempura and deep fried eel and sweet egg sushi.  James had ribs.  We shared our mains..... monkfish in a wasabi pepper sauce with rice and soft shell angry crab with red curry leaf and chilli.  We followed this with an elderflower sorbet and a yulan tea!  To say we were stuffed is an understatement!  I'd definitely go back there.

We went to the cinema when dinner was finished and we saw Thor... not really my cup of tea but I thought it was quite good.  I REALLY wanted to see Water for Elephants, but being the awesome wife I am, I agreed to Thor.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

...and coming January 2012

We are pregnant again.

I was hesitant on whether to post or not.... or whether to wait until we have had a scan and know that everything is ok.  In the end I decided to post, because I want to keep this blog as an accurate account of what is going on in my life and I don't want to leave anything out.

We found out almost a week ago now and everything is going ok.  I have every finger and toe crossed that it works out this time.  The top test there is not very clear, but there is a line.... and since that line, I have continued to do tests and they keep getting darker and darker..... this didn't happen last time, so that is comforting.

I also have more symptoms than the last 2 times.... I feel nauseous in the evenings and my boobs are so sore!

Because of our miscarriage history we will be having an early scan in about 3 weeks.

I am so happy and so excited and just hope we can keep this pregnancy and have a healthy baby at the end.

Estimated due date is 28th January.... one day before James' next birthday.

Our new addition!

Introducing....... LOLA :)

Lola is our new 1 1/2 year old Jack Russell.  Isn't she GORGEOUS.  I have to admit, I have never seen a black and tan Jack Russell before.  I always thought they were white and tan.

Lola came from a pound.  Her previous owners weren't good to her.  She was abused and neglected and as a result is very quiet and timid and LOVES affection.

We are teaching her to play... but she just doesn't understand yet as no-one has ever really played with her before.

She is BESOTTED with James.  As soon as James comes home from work, she is pretty much stuck to his lap until bedtime.

I am so glad she is a part of our family now and hope we can make her happy.  She is definitely more settled than she was when we first got her.  She is becoming more relaxed and visibly happy.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A bit of a catch up!

Ollie and I are sick..... AGAIN!  We both have chest infections.  My ribs, back, stomach and neck are all sooooore from coughing so much.  Please keep your fingers crossed that we recover soon and stay well!  We have had recurrent sickness in this household for about 3 months!  It would be nice to get a couple of months in where no-one got sick!

Our little man turns 3 in about 2 weeks time!  Crazy!  We are having a Mickey Mouse themed party here at the house and he wants me to make him a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake!  I'll try my best!  We have bought him his very first bike for his birthday and also some Lego and a Mickey Mouse Play Tent.  I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said he wants to go to feed the ducks and then to the Transport museum to see the trains.  We will be doing that on the Saturday and having his party on the Sunday.

The last weekend in April, I became Godmother to an amazing/ gorgeous little boy called Leo.  He is the son of a very dear/ very old (I've known her for 13 years!) friend and I was pleased as punch that she asked me to play that role in his life.  I couldn't ask for a lovelier Godson!  The ceremony was in England, so I went away for the weekend to England all by myself leaving James and Ollie here on their own!  It all went well!

Ollie tells me cute things these days like "I'm happy you're here mummy" and James worked so hard in the past year that his work saw fit to give him a payrise.... Yay to hardworking husbands!

AND.... we got a dog.  I will devote a post entirely to her!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our Easter

Easter this year lasted a whole week!  Ollie and I both got a chest infection at the weekend, so Easter Sunday actually happened on Wednesday!!  We had a lot of fun though.

Ollie had fun in his paddling pool...

We dyed eggs!  Ollie loved doing this and did the majority of it himself :)

We rolled the eggs down a hill and Ollie threw them about until they smashed.

And THEN we had an egg hunt in the garden.