Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ollie still sick...

Ollie's chest has cleared massively but he is still so so congested.  His little nose is running constantly and he has a very chesty cough.  His mood has been fine the last couple of days but the nights have been horrendous with him waking almost every hour!!  Were not sure what is causing it or how to make it better... I have propped his cot up slightly so he is not lying flat, used vaporub and olbas oil to help decongest him... he has had calpol to take away any pain... and he is wrapped up nice and warm.  Still though he wakes.  Were all knackered and really hoping this goes away soon because there isn't a lot more we can do!

Poor little man!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ollie's First Christmas!

was a total success...

Christmas Eve was spent with my family.  My youngest brother Ryan was away to Scotland with my dad to spend Christmas with relatives, so my mum and Harry came over after lunch time.  Mum helped me decorate Christmas cookies and then we went out for dinner with my other brother Jason.  we went to Frankie and Benny's in Belfast and had a wonderful meal and cocktails!  Mum and Harry's gift to Ollie is a new highchair which he loves.

When we arrived home on our doormat we found a little Christmas Book for Ollie with a note from our neighbours saying "For the baby in the house".  We have not spoken to them very much before and were so surprised by the kind gesture.  I popped some of my nicely decorated Cinnamon Cookies through their letterbox for them to enjoy.

On Christmas Day we had the best day!

On Christmas Eve I had felt the first corner of Ollie's tooth peeking through, but Christmas morning... there it was... the whole thing poking through his gum.

Ollie woke up as usual at 7am on Christmas morning so we brought him into bed with us to open our stockings.  James and I opened ours first and Ollie had a lot of fun playing with the wrapping paper, and then Ollie opened his.  In his stocking, Santa left a turkey dinner, a Baby Einstein Mirror book, A scanimation book called Gallop and some very cool music makers (little hand held ones... one of them jingles, one shakes, one clack clacks and one has cymbals in it).

We then went downstairs to give Ollie his breakfast and let him open his presents from under the tree.  What a lucky lucky boy he was!!  He got loads of clothes for 9 - 12 months... lots of toys... some books and a few other things.  James and I bought Ollie an activity frame, a crawl along mirror, a rainmaker and a ring stacker.  To be honest though we could have just bought him a roll of wrapping paper and he would have been in his element hehe!  I gave James a new Ipod Classic 120GB and he gave me a new red ipod 8GB AND a Pandora bracelet... spoilt rotten!

It is tradition in James family to meet up on Christmas morning for a little drink and a chat.  We got dressed quickly (Ollie in his "Santa's Little Helper suit") and drove to James' mum's house.  It was lovely to see everyone on Christmas morning.  We exchanged presents with James' parents and siblings before his Aunts and Uncles arrived... and when they did Ollie recieved more presents!!  It was a lovely morning...  Conor, Ollie's cousin was there and it was lovely to see them both interacting with each other.  Conor is just 2 weeks older than Ollie.  James Auntie Elizabeth gave Ollie 4 tree decorations that were knitted by James Granny when she was alive.  I thought that was such a sweet gift and a really nice keepsake for him to have.

After a couple of drinks (for me... James was driving!)... we went home to get dinner ready.  James was very organised and had it all nearly prepared... just vegetables to do.  We tossed a coin before to decide who cooked Christmas dinner this year...and James was picked.  I cook next year!  Anyway... James cooked us the most delicious meal ever.  We had sweetcorn and smoked paprika soup to start and for our makin we had slow roasted lamb shanks with rustic roast potatoes, baked onions and asparagus wrapped in pancetta.

Ollie opened his big pressie from James and I... a Fisher Price Amazing Animals Touch and Go Choo Choo.  It was by far my favourite toy and I just wanted him to have one so much.

Mum and Harry visited after lunch for a couple of hours and we just relaxed and chatted.  It was nice to be able to drive in the morning but when we came home we were able to relax the rest of the day.

James mum and sister arrived later at night to stay over.  We watched movies and hung out and relaxed some more.

I have never seen Ollie in as good a mood as he was on Christmas Day.  He was in such good form with everyone who held him and played with him.  I'm certain it is because his tooth came through and must have given him some relief!  Thanks Santa!


Thursday, December 25, 2008


Ollie cut his first tooth today!  You can't see it yet but I can feel that it has cut through his gum!  On Christmas!  So proud of him.  He is in the happiest mood today that I've ever seen him and I'm sure it is because the tooth is through and relieved him of a bit of pressure!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Catch Up!

Have not written in ages.  Again.. things have been hectic.  Were getting ready for our first Christmas as a family... and Ollie got sick!

His first ever sickness.  Not bad considering he is 6 and a half months old now and had never had so much as a sniffle!  Poor wee man started to sniffle on Tuesday, on Wednesday he sounded quite bunged and was off his food... Thursday I was going crazy that he was not eating much... it had gone down to just one and a half bottles and a small yoghurt IN A WHOLE DAY!!

I took Oliver to the Dr. on Friday evening but he was very unhelpful... he didn't reassure me about Ollie's lack of eating and prescribed an antibiotic.

We woke up on Saturday to Ollie breathing very very badly.  It really scared me because it sounded just like my chest would if I was having an asthma attack... I know though that babies do breath faster than adults.  We went to the hospital A and E department and were seen by a very friendly Dr. who told us Ollie had bronchiolitis and it was mild (I'd hate to see what bad would be given that his breathing panicked me so much!).  He said so long as he was getting SOME liquids he would be ok and to keep an eye that he did not develop a fever.  He also told us that the Dr. should not have prescribed antibiotics because they would be useless!  He said this is viral and would just have to run it's course.

Ollie stayed at my mum's house on Saturday night so that I could catch up on some rest and a little bit of relax time because I have been worrying myself sick.  Ollie came home yesterday looking so much brighter and rested and today he has nearly got his whole apetite back.  I'm so glad it's passing.

It's hard as a first time mummy, knowing when to be really worried and when to relax about things!

Were all ready for Christmas... all the pressies are wrapped, I've made gorgeous mince pies and cinammon cookies... were going for dinner with my mum, stepdad and one of my brothers on Christmas Eve, having lamb for Christmas dinner just the 3 of us, and spending boxing day with James family!  I can't wait.  James is not off work untl Christmas Eve so only one more day to go!  I'm so excited to be having Ollie's first Christmas.  I will document it with lots and lots of pictures!

Have a lovely Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Ollie is 6 months today!

Happy 6 month birthday little man!

Half a year has gone by and Ollie has grown and leart so much!  He weighs nearly 8kg and measures a long 65cm!

Ollie is now nearly sitting unaided.  He pretty much can, he just has to stop falling backwards, but he is definately much more sturdy.  he has really strong legs and tries to stand while I'm holding him... he has even tried to crawl (not getting too far) during tummy time.  His little bum goes in the air and he pushes with his feet.  It is so cute!

My clever little man can now see and hear almost the same as I do and his communication skills are developing rapidly.  He has a wide range of squeals, gurgles and what sounds a little bit similar to opera singing!  He even sometimes repeats certain syllables and often I swear he is saying mama!  But at other times I swear I hear him saying Emma!  I'm pretty sure he doesn't know who mama is just yet but it's nice to hear him make the sounds!  I don't think babies start being specific until they are about 10 months old.

There is still no sign of any teeth (poor lamb) but I'm pretty sure he will get one before Christmas.  Hopefully then he can have a little break from teething.  To be honest most days aren't bad but occasionally we have that awful day in between where nothing comforts him and we both end up quite upset by it.  I can feel little lumps right under his gum.  It has to come soon because I can't imagine it hurting him any more severly than it does already!

Weaning is going ok.  Ollie is now eating 3 meals a day.  He normally gets fruit or baby cereal for breakfast, vegetables for lunch and vegetables with rice for dinner.  We tried him on some sweet potato with chicken stock mixed in today and he was not that fussed but we will keep trying it.  I'd like to get him used to that before trying him on real meat.  I reckon he will be eating meat before Christmas... and he can have himself a little Christmas Roast!  Yum!  He tried avocado the other day and loved it!  He ate an entire one!  He doesn't make funny faces at food anymore and sometimes looks excited when he sees me coming with the bowl and spoon.

Can't believe how fast the time has gone... I'm learning loads and having so much fun with my little man :)