Thursday, March 27, 2008

Third Trimester finally! (82 days to go!)

So I am in the 3rd trimester now!

I have been pregnant now for 198 days and I have only 82 days to go! Our baby is growing so fast these days and now measures about 15 inches long and weighs about 2 and a half pounds.

I really feel like I am in the home stretch now and go from feeling like I have been pregnant forever to wishing I had more than 12 weeks left. I don't think anyone can be truly prepared for their first baby and I'm really nervous! At the same time though I can't wait to see bubs and see what he looks like and be able to finally cuddle him. I imagine it will feel quite strange getting my body back and not being able to feel him move etc. I totally forgot I had a bump a couple of weeks ago and proceeded to lie on my belly in front of the tv only to jump up startled a millisecond later realising i had squashed my bump. It was quite sore.

The baby's movement is increasing by the day and although it's great to feel it sometimes it goes on for too long and I have to be sick. James and I sometimes watch my whole belly move and it is very strange but lovely to know he is getting so strong, healthy and big.

The baby can now open his eyes and recognises light from the outside. He is currently growing little fingernails and is putting on layers of fat to be able to cope with being outside the womb.

Our antenatal classes start in a couple of weeks and we are both looking forward to these. Hopefully it will help me (and James) feel less nervous about the birth and will hopefully prepare James so he can be helpful when the time comes. We are given a tour of the delivery suites and everything so I can't wait. There are 5 classes in total and I feel good knowing that they are to prepare us for the baby coming and the care of the baby after it has arrived.

It is a great (and overwhelming) feeling knowing he is going to be here in 3 months time!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Only 96 days to go!

I'm now 26 weeks pregnant. Hard to believe that we will be welcoming the little one in about 14 weeks (15 weeks at the latest). Time is really flying by! I'm off work at the minute for rest and relaxation on the Doctor's orders. Trying to take it easy and doing little things each day to prepare for bubs arriving. I have a huge list of things to do before he comes. So much washing and cleaning and dusting! I'm also in the process of knitting a blanket for him. I've never really knitted so it's going very slow but it is so relaxing! I'm also painting 2 small canvases for his nursery.

Bubs currently is about 14 inches long and weighs about 1lb 6. He is learning to breath at the minute but is only breathing in liquid. It's just practice for when the time comes. Bubs moves so much now. We are told to count kicks and should be getting at least 10 kicks in 2 hours. At active times I normally get 10 kicks in 5 minutes! I can sometimes feel him turn over and my whole tummy moves!

I start my 3rd trimester on the 26th of this month and then it is the home stretch! James and I have been discussing names but I won't post them here as they are top secret!! We can't wait.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy (expectant) mother's day!

I'm so chuffed. This morning as a mothers day treat James made me french toast, bacon and maple syrup. A combination I had never had before and don't know why. Please see below picture to see how nice it was. James is the french toast king!

Not only did I have a lovely breakfast in bed but then dad popped round with a lovely body shop gift basket from him and mum. I was spoilt! The gift basket had new body butter which helps in my attempt to stay away from stretch marks. I was so surprised and happy with my treats. Mum wrote me a really lovely card which I will keep forever.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Quick Update

I can't believe I am 25 weeks now. Time is really beginning to fly past. I haven't updated in a while because not a lot is happening. I think from here things are really going to slow down until Due Day!

The baby is kicking every single day. Mostly in the morning as soon as I wake up and it really starts again after dinner. On occasion we have seen my belly move which is the most bizarre thing! I will try and get it on video to post up here when it starts to get a bit stronger.

Our baby currently weighs approximately 1 and a half pounds and he is 35cm long (I think he really must be getting squashed because my bump is not very big!). I still don't have a single stretch mark and apart from the odd leg cramp (ouch!) I have no complaints. I've had a fairly easy pregnancy so and consider myself to be very lucky. I had a checkup at the midwife clinic on Thursday and everything is going so well with the baby that they do not need to see me for another 6 weeks! Our little half baked bean is cooking well!

My friend Charlene had a little boy in October and she visited me last weekend with her husband and they brought us their moses basket and a bag load of lovely clothes. Were so prepared now that all we are waiting for is this little one!