Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm more nervous than I thought I would be!

Ollie is spending his first night away from home with my mum tonight.  I'm not nervous about my mum minding him for the whole night... I'm just nervous about missing him dreadfully... I don't know.  I guess the first time is supposed to be a bit scary.  I just wonder does he know he is going there and won't see me until tomorrow... and does he think were giving him away?  Who knows what little babies think!

When my mum picks him up James and I are going out for dinner... our first proper date night in a while.  Were going to Tony Roma's, a delicious steak and ribs restaurant in Belfast.  When we get home we are going to pack!!  I know... fun!  We have a long drive to Dublin tomorrow afternoon to catch the plane.  I'm nervous about taking Ollie on the plane too!  What if the air pressure hurts his ears the same way it hurts mine?

We are away from Tomorrow until Monday... I can't wait... it is our first family holiday and although we are not travelling far, I can't wait to get over to Scotland and relax with my grandparents... and it will be nice to have James off work for a few days!

I'll not say bye bye yet...

Monday, September 22, 2008

My blog keeping skills...

of late have been a bit more than awful...

I promise promise promise promise I'll make a little bit of time for myself to blog in the evenings.

Life has been hectic since we moved back here... we LOVE it and since moving back and seeing family and friends again... our social life has just exploded.  I know that's not a proper excuse and should not count as to why i haven't been blogging as much, because I love blogging and really should take that little bit of time out to post!

We now visit my mum for dinner every Sunday and we visit James mum for dinner ever Monday... other days I have been spending with my mum (hey, we have 2 years of only seeing each other once a month, to make up for) because she works near where we live and often she pops in to say hi before or after a shift (she is a nurse)... I've also been spending time with my best friend Charlene and her little 11 month old darling Josh.

James and I still have a lot of decluttering and organising to do on the house... we got a good bit done on Saturday when my mum took Ollie off us for a few hours.  We even had a date on Saturday!  Not something we get a chance to do much!!

I am going to be going to a mother baby group as of next Friday and I'm really looking forward to it.  It is about a 2 minute walk from my house and I'll be going with my friend Clare who has a 10 month old baby called Ruby.

This Thursday James, Ollie and I are heading off to Kelso in Scotland to visit my Granny and Granda.  It will be the first time they meet Ollie and Ollie is very excited to meet them.  I can't wait.  It isn't often that great grandparents get to meet their great grandchildren so we feel lucky that Ollie will have the chance.  I haven't seen them since my wedding in May of last year.

These are all the plans I have so far, but hopefully you get an idea of how busy I've been lately.  I am going to set aside time every day to do my blogging as I have really been missing it!!

O0o0oh and Ollie has had a couple of spoons of baby rice and he loved it!  He is 4 months this week so we are going to start weaning him properly either this week or next.  He is definately ready and I can't wait to let him try all the lovely food on offer!

He is also getting his vaccinations tomorrow.  Fun.

Anyways!  I hope you girls (and guys?) are all fab!  I'll be back very very soon with proper, regular blog posts, pics of Ollie, recipes etc etc... in fact I have one waiting here for stuffed meatloaf... huge success by the way!!

Emma xx

Ollie learnt how to laugh...

...and it was my mum that got the giggle out of him!  She tickled his belly.  This happened a couple of days ago and ever since I have been trying my hardest to tickle him in the same way and I just can't do it!  James hasn't made him laugh yet either!  I don't know the secret.... sigh...

Guess I'll keep trying and then eventually he will just have to laugh at my hilarious and desperate efforts!

Monday, September 15, 2008


My lovely little man didn't sleep through last night.  He woke for a feed at 3... at least we got 5 nights in a row from him though... maybe last night was a one off and he will go ack to sleeping right through again tonight hehe.  Fingers crossed... I was seriously enjoying it!

Friday, September 12, 2008

...he did it again!

I think were onto something with Ollie sleeping through the night.  This is awesome.  I feel so rested!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

sleep little baby!

My boy Ollie did it again last night... sleeping right through.  What a clever and angelic little guy!  You must have been crossing your fingers!!!  Keep them crossed because I'm enjoying these nights!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Oh my goodness... what a difference a whole nights sleep makes.  In... em...90 days I haven't really had an entire nights sleep... completly unbroken and deep... but last night little Ollie slept the whole way through!  Recently he has been going to be at 8.30 - 9.00 and I give him a dream feed (when he doesnt even wake up for it) at about 11.00 or so and then he wakes again for James to feed him at about 3.00am.  Well this morning James woke me to tell me that he hadn't needed to get up to feed him...

A WHOLE night!  The little man went without food from 11.00 - 7.00!  A whole 8 hours.

Hmm... I'm just wondering now though if it was a one off or if this is going to be the way it is going to be!  Fingers crossed pleeeeease!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend (kind of our first proper weekend here since we only moves in last weekend) back here in Belfast.

Friday night we had my best friend Charlene and her husband over for dinner as they had not seen the house yet.  They brought their adorable 11 month old son Josh also and he is nearly walking!  It was lovely to see her and catch up a bit after not seeing her since July!  Were both pretty excited to be living so close now and already have arrangements for next weekend!  The size of us (us, the husbands and the babies) are all going for lunch to Ed's Grill in Lisburn.

We went to St. George's Market which is in a massive indoor 'bit of everything' type market.  James and I both LOVE markets and neither of us had really been to this one and we loved it.  It is held weekly and we are definatly going to go back.  We picked up some angus burgers, smoked cheese and chilli burgers, spicy lamb burgers, steak and guinness sausages, chilli sausages and 2 tubs of fresh mixed seafood which we normally make into a chowder.  Our new freezer is now stocked!  Hubby and I have this dream of opening a stall ourselves... we would sell chilli.  James is by far the best chilli chef I have ever come across.  We have to investigate what it would cost though and what sort of a licence we would need but we reckon it would definately be a hit!

On Sunday we visited my mum.  She lives out in the fields in a darling little cottage.  We decided when we moved back we would have a set day that we visit my mum and stepdad for dinner and a set day that we visit James folks for dinner too.... that way, no matter how busy we are in the week, at least we get to see them both at least once.  We want to start some traditions with Ollie and think this is a nice one.  Anyway, this was our first Sunday doing this!  My mum cooked a lamb roast with all the trimmings.... roast potatoes, vegetables, yummy gravy and mint jelly. YUM!  After we had dinner we went for a walk down the road with Geordie the dog on a lead and Ollie in a pram :-)

It just feels so so awesome to be back.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ollie has started reeeeeeeeeeally babbling....we have long in depth conversations together now and it's just adorable.  It melts my heart :-)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I'm back for just this next couple of minutes... were at the inlaws for dinner so taking a quick 5 minutes to say Hi.

WERE MOVED!  Woohoo.... the house is still in a shambles but we nearly have it all together.  Our internet etc didn't get connected on Monday as expected but is happening on Friday instead.  That will be nearly 2 weeks without phone, internet or tv and to be completly honest it has been SOOOOOOOO tough! It's not like I am sitting at home with nothing to do though... far from it in fact hehe.

We are adoring our new house.... absolutely besotted with it and we are both just praying we will have enough of a deposit come January to get a mortgage and buy it.  Our new furniture suits the house so well and Ollie has really settled in.  It is so close to Belfast City Centre, so I can easily nip in on the bus to do a bit of shopping and that.

We are still so busy but I just wish in the evenings I could sit down and write my blog... Oh blog how I have missed you!!  And you guys!!

I really have been missing my menu plan mondays, talk about tuesdays etc etc and of course my 365... but don't worry... I've got a photo for every single day I have not been online all sitting here edited and ready to be blogged!

Ollie has really bloomed in the last couple weeks.  He still hasn't giggled but squeals with delight... I think he is just on the verge of laughing but not quite there.  He is gaining more support in his neck and loves loves loves looking around him.  He hardly sleeps during the day anymore and smiles so so much (at least I know I'm doing something right).  Kinda been feeling like a bad parent... neglecting him all weekend and the last couple of days so I can get the hosue in order while James is in work.  Wish I had more hands!!!

I will be back on Saturday morning probably.