Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I'm back for just this next couple of minutes... were at the inlaws for dinner so taking a quick 5 minutes to say Hi.

WERE MOVED!  Woohoo.... the house is still in a shambles but we nearly have it all together.  Our internet etc didn't get connected on Monday as expected but is happening on Friday instead.  That will be nearly 2 weeks without phone, internet or tv and to be completly honest it has been SOOOOOOOO tough! It's not like I am sitting at home with nothing to do though... far from it in fact hehe.

We are adoring our new house.... absolutely besotted with it and we are both just praying we will have enough of a deposit come January to get a mortgage and buy it.  Our new furniture suits the house so well and Ollie has really settled in.  It is so close to Belfast City Centre, so I can easily nip in on the bus to do a bit of shopping and that.

We are still so busy but I just wish in the evenings I could sit down and write my blog... Oh blog how I have missed you!!  And you guys!!

I really have been missing my menu plan mondays, talk about tuesdays etc etc and of course my 365... but don't worry... I've got a photo for every single day I have not been online all sitting here edited and ready to be blogged!

Ollie has really bloomed in the last couple weeks.  He still hasn't giggled but squeals with delight... I think he is just on the verge of laughing but not quite there.  He is gaining more support in his neck and loves loves loves looking around him.  He hardly sleeps during the day anymore and smiles so so much (at least I know I'm doing something right).  Kinda been feeling like a bad parent... neglecting him all weekend and the last couple of days so I can get the hosue in order while James is in work.  Wish I had more hands!!!

I will be back on Saturday morning probably.


  1. Congratulations on the move - you must be exhausted!!

    Glad to here everything's going well - hope to see you back properly soon

    Sarah x

  2. Congrats on the move! I can't imagine the chaos you are going through with a new baby and all. Have fun!

  3. Come back soon...we miss you!!