Sunday, February 27, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Ollie saw the dentist last week!

He LOVED it haha!

The dentist made a big deal of showing Ollie his 'magic chair' which went up like a seat and down like a bed.  He then showed him his special mirror (the teeny one that goes in your mouth hehe).  Ollie was quite impressed.  He asked Ollie to lie back and open his mouth which Ollie did really well.... he thought it was so funny and did a very very long 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah'.  The dentist then exclaimed 'Oh my goodness!! Your teeth are so shiny and white!!'.  Ollie was so proud of himself.  His teeth are all perfect.

He has 18 teeth.  Just 2 more to go and my baby is finished with teething.  I had a feel around the top/ back of his gums and it feels slightly sharp on both sides.  That could explain the weird/ grumpy episodes we have been having recently.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!

Making our way to the park.  Ollie found a nice stick :)

Playing with his trains on the big stone statue.


Ollie felt peckish and started to eat the bread that was for the ducks.

He finally gave them share.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This week I am loving:

♥  The fact that my tooth isn't sore anymore.
♥  Being back in Belfast and seeing my friends.
♥  Tacos!
♥  New blog friends (I'll be putting a list of my favourite blogs in my sidebar shortly)
♥  Healthy eating!  I'm going to try much harder this week!
♥  My new book - Room by Emma Donohue
♥  Watching Dexter.  We are only catching up on season 4 and 5 now!
♥  Ollie is copying EVERYTHING I say and it is really cute!
♥  How well behaved Ollie is being recently.
♥  My handsome hubby.
♥  Half Baked Ben and Jerrys.
♥  My other new book - How To Talk So Kid's Will Listen and Listen So Kid's Will Talk.
♥  New followers :)
♥  Luxury baths with Lush bath bombs!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This week I am loving:

♥  Brainstorming for our house decorating over-haul using Pinterest (click to check out my boards)
♥  The relief that ibuprofen and Solpadine bring me (I have crazy bad toothache)
♥  Takeaway Chinese food
♥  New blog friends (I'll be putting a list of my favourite blogs in my sidebar shortly)
♥  Halloumi (Hubby and I had never had this before until a couple of weeks ago.... now we can't get enough!)
♥  How skinny I am going to be now that hubby and I are dieting :)
♥  My new book - Room by Emma Donohue
♥  Planning out my new tattoos (more on that later)
♥  The way Ollie cutely asks if I am feeling better yet
♥  Playing shop with Ollie (I got him a toy till and toy shopping basket with food!)
♥  Painting my nails with Saville Row by Nails Inc.
♥  Chocolate Tart from Insomnia
♥  New followers :)
♥  Paperchase
♥  Putting together a parcel for my fab penpal Kendra :)
♥  Chai Lattes
♥  Watching Ollie and James play together.... they're rough and loud and so cute!

Friday, February 4, 2011

I forgot to show you my new hair!

I felt brave that day!

What I Feed My Toddler

Ollie used to be a FAB eater but recently his portion size decreased quite a lot and he became fussy! He won't eat anything cold (ham etc) and he won't eat cheese unless it is warm and melted. He seems to only like chicken or minced (ground) beef/ lamb. I suppose he likes fish too... He LOVES grapes and cereal. He won't eat green beans, broccoli or sprouts but will eat peas and sweetcorn!

(Everyday Ollie will have one of the following for breakfast.... he loves breakfast)
Shredded wheat
French toast

At the moment, the following are Ollie's favourite lunches)
Chicken dippers with potato waffles
Cheese and ham omelette
Scrambled egg and toast soldiers
Jam and peanut butter sandwiches (he loves when I use cookie cutters and cut his sandwiches into fun shapes!)
Chocolate spread sandwiches (he won't have savoury sandwiches...)
Soup (he gets this in a sippy cup with no lid on it.... because it has 2 handles it is easy for him to drink instead of using a spoon and bowl which would be super messy)
Baked beans on toast
Alphabetti on toast

Lunch Extras
Dried fruit (banana chips, dried mango etc)
Chocolate (occasionally)

Cottage Pie (gravy, minced beef, carrots and peas topped with mash)
Shepherd's Pie (gravy, minced lamb, carrots and peas topped with mash)
Beans on toast
Alphabetti on toast (Alphabetti or beans depends on what he had for lunch obviously)
Baked potato
Roast chicken with gravy and mash (he likes things like this all mixed together rather than seperate)
Sausage and mash with beans
Homemade soup and toast soldiers
Chilli and rice
Chicken curry and rice
Pasta bake (tomato based)

Other snack bits he likes
Olives (A weird one I know, considering some of the things he is fussy about!)
Wasabi peas (I know... super hot but he loves them)
Mandarin oranges
Peeled and cored apples

I'm going to start trying him with more different foods... even if he decides he doesn't like them. I want him to grow up giving all foods a try at least.

When he starts school in September all the kid's have to take hot lunch, not packed lunches. When I spoke to the teacher she said that a lot of fussy eaters that have started at school usually relax about food after a couple of weeks and try more because all the other kids are eating the same thing!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Tracing!

Ollie traced for daddy's birthday card and such a fab attempt!

What I'm Loving Wednesday


My new blog! Trying To Be a Domestic Goddess
The days are getting brighter!
Painting my nails french!
My blog design business being busy!
My handsome, newly 31, husband :)
Cherry chocolate brownies!
Pay day :)
Being in Dublin.... I'm finding it so relaxing.
Planning how we're going to decorate in June.... talking about TOTAL HOUSE OVERHAUL!
Writing in my new Moleskine planner :)
Ollie talking to himself "I'm not a man, I'm a boy".............random.
New episodes of Fringe!