Friday, February 4, 2011

I forgot to show you my new hair!

I felt brave that day!


  1. You are smokin', Emma! Love it! I wish I could rock something short like that but alas, my hair is too curly. Wah!

  2. You look absolutely great.

    Found you through Friday blog hopping. Good to "meet" you.


  3. You look super in that cut! I like the colour too - is it darker?

  4. I have decided on this length as well. It's happening. Today. Thanks for giving me the courage!

  5. Ready for summer hair already (= Yey, you look pretty. Love the hair cut. I can't cut my hair that short! So enjoy it on other people.

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  6. Super cute hair cut! very stunning.

    Unleash your creativity

  7. LOVE the hair! I had it that short once, years ago! I'm not nearly as brave anymore as I was when I did it back then in my 20's!

    Your lil guy is adorable! Was reading over what he eats and for a picky guy - it has quite a bit of variety! I ahve heard horror stories of kids that only eat 1 or 2 things all day, everyday!

    My girls can get picky too and it is frustrating - dinner is the worst bc they are so hesitant to try new foods!

    love the blog - great designs you have showcased. I wish I could do somehting like that - I am not design savvy with my computer - my blog is as basic (and boring looking) as it comes, lol!

    I am now following you!