Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Yesterday morning I was showing Ollie some photos of when me and James went to India a few years ago. He suddenly pointed at a picture of James and said "dadaaa". I thought it was very cute. Then Oliver proceeded to kiss the photo of James. About 5 or 6 times. I then pointed at a picture of me and I said "is that mama?", hopeing he would be just as impressed to see a photo of me and kiss that one too... but he just looked at me like I was weird. No kisses.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not a baby anymore!

Ollie had his 15 month assessment on Tuesday and it went really well!! The health visitor was really impressed with his progress! I was able to answer yes to every single question she asked about his development. I'm so proud of him. He is walking, has 13 shiny white teeth, is not a fussy eater, has about 12 or 13 words, 80cm tall and weighs 22lbs! He is no longer a little baby... he is a little boy now and it is just amazing!

The bad part of the appointment was his jabs. He had to have the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine and one against meningitis. Two big jabs, one in either of his little boy legs. It was awful. Because he is older and stronger now, he didn't want to sit on my knee with me holding his arms by his sides. It made me upset. Luckily now he doesn't have to have another injection until his school boosters, when he is 4. (I've told James, he can take him for those.)

On Wednesday we tried out a new mother and baby group. It was FAB! Much better than the Friday one I go to. It was a lot less rough, there was a lot more room and better toys! We will definitely be going again!

Ollie is walking now about 90% of the time. I love it. He walks so carefully and with a massive cheesy grin on his face. He is also getting better at walking in his shoes. There are so many cute things about him at the minute...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

iHeartFaces: Completely Candid

I love this photo of Ollie and his cousin Conor. The boys were playing in the play room and were very surprised to see me at the other end of the tunnel!

Join in iHeartFaces.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ollie's new shoes!

I got Ollie his first pair of walking shoes on Friday. I took him to Clarks who have different baby ranges. They have a range for crawlers (but I'm not sure why they need shoes), cruisers (which are proper shoes but the soles are sort of squishy) and walkers! They won't sell walkers to you unless your toddler is walking the length of a room (WHOOP!). Aren't they cute! It means we can do more walking outside. He seems to like them too and they seem to be more comfortable than his cruisers. He is finding it more difficult to walk in shoes though than his bare feet, but he is doing really well.

He really is growing up now. He understands so much more and is better at communicating to me what he wants even though he doesn't know the words yet.

Ollie stayed at his Nanny's house last night and were picking him up at about 2pm today, so James and I are just about to go for a yummy lunch out!

Do you know what ticks me off?

Parents/ Grandparents/ minders not keeping an eye on their kids!!!

Gah! Every week we go to a lovely mother and babby/ toddler group about a 5 minute walk from my house. It is in the recreation hall of a local church. I have always loved it and Ollie has been going sicne he was about 12 weeks old, so really knows a lot of the kids.

It just seems though that a lot of the kids have grown up... so much so that they really shouldn'tbe counted as toddlers anymore. There are a few 4 year old boys who still come and they are really really rough and rather hyper. You know, jumping off the slide tipping things over, ramming big trucks into one another. The mother and baby group really isn't the place for this. That isn't the worst bit though!

On Friday Ollie was playing and I was watching him. He was climbing up the slide himself (something he has just learnt to do!) when one of the said boys comes over and climbs on top and over him to go down the slide first. His mother was sitting right beside me and didn't say a thing. Ollie wasn't hurt, but he could have been if the boy had been a little rougher!

Not only this but as he was sitting on the floor playing, the other said boy came ramming past him with a big dumper truck and Ollie toppled over... this time he cried because he banged his head. This boy comes with his Grandma, who sits on the comfy sofa at the other end of the room chatting to her other Grandma friends. She doesn't look once at her grandson the entire time and definitely would never scold him!

A number of other times during the 1 and a 1/2 hours there, older boys snatched toys from him and pushed him if he was in their way. I'm lucky in that Ollie is a very calm boy and didn't react too much to these mean kids... but someone other than me should have said something! I went over and asked them to please be careful because Ollie is only very little. It should be their mothers telling them to be careful.

If I saw Ollie snatching or pushing I would go straight over and tell him he had done wrong, that he had to share and that pushing is not nice. That's what a mummy does!

Another mummy who annoys me, ignores her kid all the time. One time she was chatting to me and her little one was climbing on a chair behind her... so I said "Oh...she is climbing on a chair" and pointed and she glanced and said her little one does it all the time. She didn't go over to make sure the child was safe or anything and the child ended up falling off the chair onto her face and splitting her lip!

What is with these people??? I am wrong in thinking all of this is totally out of order?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I don't know if this picture is too small for you to make out the wonderful masterpiece on it. I now know to put pencils and pens up high!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Walking Video!

oh oh and...

Ollie almost has 14 teeth. Scary... I wonder how many he is supposed to get!

Ollie is pretty much a walker now!

And it is soooooooooooooooooo cute. He walks around all by himself now, probably about 65% of the time, crawling the other 35%. His confidence has suddenly sky rocketed and he walks around with a massive smile on his face. He is so clever. Ollie has even mastered walking around a corner, which I read was hard for them to learn!

I have posted much in the past week, mainly because I'm so busy with a project that I will tell you about soon. Basically though, it involves expanding my blog design company, to include a few extra offerings. This also means I have to do a whole re-design of my Indiechick blog and at the same time I'm currently working on 5 blog designs! Crazy!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Baby Cinema

Tomorrow Bex and I are taking Ollie and Ivy to the cinema! Our local Odeon has showing called 'Newbies' and it is for parents of babies under 2. The screen that the movie is shown with lower volume and higher lighting, and because it will be mainly mums there, noone will really mind if your baby cries. I can't wait. It is in the middle of town so if Ollie won't settle I can just take him around the shops (I need to buy a set of reins for him anyway given that I think he will be walking confidently by the end of the week!). Oh... and were going to see (500) Days of Summer which I'm really looking forward to!

A mouthful of teeth...

...nearly. Today I discovered that Ollie has nearly a full molar (or pre molar??) on the left hand side at the top and the one on the right hand side is one corner through. On the bottom row, his pre molars are already through and I can see that his first eye tooth (bottom left) is JUST about to pop through. His little mouth has been busy! No wonder he has been a cranky little thing so much recently. At least when they are through, they are through! Once these last two pre molars are through he will have 12 and will only have to grow 8 more :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Anyone have any get to sleep tips...

...for me? I'm lying in bed at 11.45pm, while James lies snoring beside me. He has been asleep for 20 minutes. I'm jealous. I really WANT to fall asleep but for some reason I can't. Maybe it is because I had a huge lye-in this morning or maybe I am thinking about too many things. All I know is that if I don't get to sleep soon, then I will wake up at 6.30am grumpy and tired.

Anyway... we had a lovely weekend, quite relaxed...

Saturday morning we all went to St. George's Market in Belfast. St. George's market is fab, we love it even though we always end up spending more than we intend to. This week we came home with 3 tarts (American mud pie, apple and whiskey berry), 5 honey and pork sausages, 5 steak and ? sausages (I forget), 5 spicy lamb burgers, 5 steak and stilton burgers, 2 250g tubs of crab meat and 3 different curry sauces (there is a fab curry stall that sells homemade curry sauces which we think taste just as good as indian takeout!). We also bought Ollie his first ever cupcake which he enjoyed when he awoke from his afternoon nap.

My mum came to pick Ollie up at 4.30pm for a sleepover at granny's house. Ollie loves staying at his granny's and James and I love having a date night. We ordered takeout, drank wine and cider and watched movies! It was lovely.

This is the reason I woke up late today... there was no early rising 15 month old in the house giving me my 6.30am wakeup call. I woke up at 10.50am!!! I always tend to wake up with a headache if I have slept late... dunno why.

Today James and I did the BIG tidy of the house and my mum and Harry came for dinner, bringing Ollie with them. I always love getting him back because he gives the best cuddles.

Tonight I started ordering Christmas presents for Ollie... well I tried to order some for everyone, but my mind is blank and Ollie is the only one who I know what I want to buy for! I got him a few sets from the Happyland range. I got him the cottage, the firestation and the farm. He already owns a few of the people and he loves them so I thought it would be a good idea to get him some of the playsets to play with the people in.


What Christmas ideas do you have for everyone??? I'm so stuck!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Show Us Your Life - School Pictures

Today is my first 'Show us your life'! The theme this week is school pictures. I used to LOVE getting my photo taken at school and then getting to take home the pack of photos to show my parents so they could choose which ones they liked the best.

I could only find quite early photos and I can't even remember what year they are from. Enjoy!

Nearly walking properly!

Today Ollie walked (I don't know how many steps) practically across the whole room! I was so excited. He has done it a couple of times since and it is so cute! I don't think it will be long until he is walking properly!!

He occasionally stands up in the middle of the floor and claps for himself but also looks around to make sure everyone is watching him!

Ollie's First Haircut!!

Ollie's hair was getting a bit too long at the back and over his ears... it kept tickling him... and because his hair is very fine but very long on the top it started to look like a bald man's comb-over!! So, I rang the hair salon and they said that unless he would sit still while they did it with scissors (which I know for a fact he wouldn't), then they would just use the razors. The hairdresser then told me that I could probably do it myself if I had some at home, which we do. It went well. I put on Waybuloo which is a very chilled and quiet kids tv show, and I started cutting. He started humming along to the sound of the razor and giggled when I was cutting the hair at the back of his neck. I got a fright because it looked VERY short at first, but actually it looks really cute. I think he looks more grown up and boyish now rather than babyish.



Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Photos from the past weeks!

I wanted to post a bunch of photos from the last couple of weeks, that didn't really have a post of their own...

This is Ollie eating his first ever orange. Isn't that awful? He never had real orange before! He has had mandarins/ clementines, but this was his first massive, juicy real orange! He ate it all!

Having fun on the swing at Stormont Park.

This is so cute... we were out one day having lunch in a food court and he was sharing his buscuits with his fireman!

He has been having a lot of fun knocking down bricks...

...and colouring with crayons... do you like my makeshift easel? Teehee!

Number 75 on the list complete!

"Make cupcakes for James to take into work"

I made Oreo cupcakes for James to take into work with him to celebrate him having been there for 5 whole years! They went down a treat!

James' work gave him a £110 Amazon voucher!