Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I don't know if this picture is too small for you to make out the wonderful masterpiece on it. I now know to put pencils and pens up high!


  1. Sorry I have to laugh. One time I was at my brothers house and my son was playing with my neice. We noticed it had gotten way to quiet. When we went in my neices room to check on them down the hallway on both walls was crayoing line, then all over her bedroom door and all over the walls inside her closet. My sister in law was so mad. What do you do though, they were like 3 yrs old. lol

  2. Oh Dear :-)

    At least you have a picture of his first graffiti!!!

    At least it wasn't permant marker!!

  3. I have somethign for you on my blog. Pay it forward!!

  4. That's great art right there! LOL

  5. this so reminds me when my baby brother(he was only 2 back then) did this in my parents' home...and they were just done painting the place... his explanations was even funnier.. he was just "drawing a thought" :) to funny:)))

    hope this gets out though! best of luck with it!
    Happy Wednesday!

    *visiting from SITS! come check the fashion show we have up on the blog!

  6. We had the same incident yesterday. Thank goodness for washable crayons! Congrats on your walker!

    ...stopping by from SITS...

    Steph @ Stick It in the Fridge


  7. Stopping by from SITS. I've seen many doors and walls turned into art by toddlers! haha!

  8. Three words for you: Mr.Clean Eraser.
    It works like a gem.
    Until then take lots of pictures. These are great memories.

  9. You should get him some of those markers that ONLY work on paper. That would be awesome. And when/if you do, I'd love to see his art work!

  10. I did this when I was Ollie's age. Unfortunately for my dad it was all over the freshly painted walls of our new house!

  11. Nice! Ahhhh, the innocence of toddler art... :-)
    Visiting from SITS.