Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do you know what ticks me off?

Parents/ Grandparents/ minders not keeping an eye on their kids!!!

Gah! Every week we go to a lovely mother and babby/ toddler group about a 5 minute walk from my house. It is in the recreation hall of a local church. I have always loved it and Ollie has been going sicne he was about 12 weeks old, so really knows a lot of the kids.

It just seems though that a lot of the kids have grown up... so much so that they really shouldn'tbe counted as toddlers anymore. There are a few 4 year old boys who still come and they are really really rough and rather hyper. You know, jumping off the slide tipping things over, ramming big trucks into one another. The mother and baby group really isn't the place for this. That isn't the worst bit though!

On Friday Ollie was playing and I was watching him. He was climbing up the slide himself (something he has just learnt to do!) when one of the said boys comes over and climbs on top and over him to go down the slide first. His mother was sitting right beside me and didn't say a thing. Ollie wasn't hurt, but he could have been if the boy had been a little rougher!

Not only this but as he was sitting on the floor playing, the other said boy came ramming past him with a big dumper truck and Ollie toppled over... this time he cried because he banged his head. This boy comes with his Grandma, who sits on the comfy sofa at the other end of the room chatting to her other Grandma friends. She doesn't look once at her grandson the entire time and definitely would never scold him!

A number of other times during the 1 and a 1/2 hours there, older boys snatched toys from him and pushed him if he was in their way. I'm lucky in that Ollie is a very calm boy and didn't react too much to these mean kids... but someone other than me should have said something! I went over and asked them to please be careful because Ollie is only very little. It should be their mothers telling them to be careful.

If I saw Ollie snatching or pushing I would go straight over and tell him he had done wrong, that he had to share and that pushing is not nice. That's what a mummy does!

Another mummy who annoys me, ignores her kid all the time. One time she was chatting to me and her little one was climbing on a chair behind her... so I said "Oh...she is climbing on a chair" and pointed and she glanced and said her little one does it all the time. She didn't go over to make sure the child was safe or anything and the child ended up falling off the chair onto her face and splitting her lip!

What is with these people??? I am wrong in thinking all of this is totally out of order?


  1. I would have said something to both of those kids. Nicely of course but if the care givers are not watching their kids and they are possibly putting other kids in harms way someone has to say something to stick up for all the little kids in danger. You are braver than me to hold your tongue.

  2. OHH - I can't stand it when other people don't pay attention. And if it comes to safety and another mom isn't watching, I'll be the first to tell the child to get down. I know I "shouldn't" fuss at other peoples kids, but I detest it when parents let their children get hurt!

  3. ugh! this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine!! and i dont hesitate to LOUDLY redirect other people's children. i figure if the parent is not doing his/her job, i dont have a problem "helping out". i would also like to give the caregiver a smack, but i dont want to set a bad example for TJ ;o)

  4. This is a huge pet peeve of mine as well. Z is always getting trampled by the older kids and one time at a playgroup I looked over (he was only 18 months) and saw his little monkey Robeez sticking out from underneath a 3 year old who was beating him for a toy! Shocking what some parents will let their kids get away with.