Sunday, September 6, 2009

Anyone have any get to sleep tips...

...for me? I'm lying in bed at 11.45pm, while James lies snoring beside me. He has been asleep for 20 minutes. I'm jealous. I really WANT to fall asleep but for some reason I can't. Maybe it is because I had a huge lye-in this morning or maybe I am thinking about too many things. All I know is that if I don't get to sleep soon, then I will wake up at 6.30am grumpy and tired.

Anyway... we had a lovely weekend, quite relaxed...

Saturday morning we all went to St. George's Market in Belfast. St. George's market is fab, we love it even though we always end up spending more than we intend to. This week we came home with 3 tarts (American mud pie, apple and whiskey berry), 5 honey and pork sausages, 5 steak and ? sausages (I forget), 5 spicy lamb burgers, 5 steak and stilton burgers, 2 250g tubs of crab meat and 3 different curry sauces (there is a fab curry stall that sells homemade curry sauces which we think taste just as good as indian takeout!). We also bought Ollie his first ever cupcake which he enjoyed when he awoke from his afternoon nap.

My mum came to pick Ollie up at 4.30pm for a sleepover at granny's house. Ollie loves staying at his granny's and James and I love having a date night. We ordered takeout, drank wine and cider and watched movies! It was lovely.

This is the reason I woke up late today... there was no early rising 15 month old in the house giving me my 6.30am wakeup call. I woke up at 10.50am!!! I always tend to wake up with a headache if I have slept late... dunno why.

Today James and I did the BIG tidy of the house and my mum and Harry came for dinner, bringing Ollie with them. I always love getting him back because he gives the best cuddles.

Tonight I started ordering Christmas presents for Ollie... well I tried to order some for everyone, but my mind is blank and Ollie is the only one who I know what I want to buy for! I got him a few sets from the Happyland range. I got him the cottage, the firestation and the farm. He already owns a few of the people and he loves them so I thought it would be a good idea to get him some of the playsets to play with the people in.


What Christmas ideas do you have for everyone??? I'm so stuck!


  1. Just dropping in from SITS to say hi. :)

  2. I LOVE St Georges Market. Was in town on saturday but did not make over to there.

    Met up in Avoca cafe with an american bloggy reader here on hols which was fun, and I recommended Made In Belfast for dinner - based on your review - they loved it.

    Huge fans of Happy Tracks here - started with the train, now have farm, hospital and lots of spare track - ebay was a great source. Keep going to get rid of ours, then they rediscover it (even the 11 year old with "help" the others with it too!).

  3. No tips for sleeping for you there. Sorry. I have trouble sleeping myself. Reading used to put me to sleep but not anymore :/

  4. When I can't sleep I drink a wine cooler or play a game until my eyes get too tired. Sounds silly, but it almost always works!