Monday, February 9, 2009

...and for the next 3 days I'm a single parent...

kind of... James is working hard at the minute preparing a course that he has to deliver to a team in his work on Thursday and it's taking quite a bit longer than expected.  He has left this morning to go to work to get it finished and I'm not expecting him home until 8 tonight... the same tomorrow and Wednesday.  This will be the first time I will have looked after Ollie completly on my own for longer than 8am - 4.30pm so wish me luck!  I feel a little bit sad for James that he won't get to see Ollie for more than about 10 minutes in the morning for the next few days. :(

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Catching up... a birthday...a fun day and a snow day!

Ollie is doing so so so well these days.  He actually turned 8 months a couple of days ago.  It's very hard to believe that so much time has passed already... it feels like no time at all!  He really is coming along leaps and bounds and his personality is growing every single day.

So much has happened the last couple of weeks so I'm going to try and fill you in on the best bits... with pictures of course!

James had his first birthday as a daddy (January 29th and James turned 29).  Ollie made James a Birthday Card with his foot prints on the front... one in red and one in blue.  He gave it to James on the morning of his birthday.  Ollie and I headed into town to meet James for a quick lunch in Starbucks (Ollie was a little bit confused by their highchairs!) and then on to do some pressie shopping.



This is Ollie waiting for his daddy to come home.  We decorated the house with blue balloons and had Ollie's pressie all ready in a lovely little blug gift bag.  when James started opening it Ollie got stuck in!


James parents called round and we had a massive Indian carryout!!!  It was huge.  I made chocolate chilli cupcakes for James instead of a cake.

On Friday night James and I went for a lovely romantic dinner in a tiny restaurant called Molly's Yard.  The meal was divine.  I had scallops to start and then a lovely steak for main.  I was too full for dessert.  Saturday night consisted of a LOT more eating with a small party for James at his parents house.

Ollie went to his first ever soft play area on Sunday with his friend Josh.  It is called Indianaland.  James took Ollie down all the big boy slides but I was unable to get a photo.  Ollie wasn't scared at all.  He loved it.  He loved seeing all the bright colours and all the other babies there.

This weekend Ollie had his first ever snow day!  We woke up and the whole place was white!  We hardly ever get snow.  Ollie was very confused by it all when I opened the blind in his room.  We took him out in the snow and he just stared around him in wonder!!

First glimpse of snow with daddy!

The snow even cleaned the wheels of the pram!

Our winter wonderland back garden!

Ollie is babbling up a storm these days saying mama all the time (although a lot of what he says is made up).  I'll never get tired of his cute little voice!

He also has bad excema :(  It is bothering him a lot at the minute.