Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I should be 20 weeks pregnant right now. I should have been having my gender scan this week and it hurts that I'm not. I miss my little bean.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Big Boy Bed!

That's right!! Ollie has made the transition from cot to toddler bed! It is really so so exciting and he is doing really well.

Here is the bed all set up and ready to go. Ollie played on it and had fun climbing in and out before it was even bed time.

The first night went superbly. He woke at 7am but didn't potter into our room until 7.30am. It was lovely to be able to wake up to his little footsteps coming towards our room rather than the normal screaming at the top of his lungs to get out of the cot! Nap time went well too! He didn't try to get out of bed even once!

The second night started with him getting out of his bed twice and crying at the top of the stairs, but when we went to see what was wrong, he was crying because his milk was finished and he wanted more. After the second time he didn't move again until the morning. Naptime went well again.

Last night he went to bed really well but woke up at 5am. He was soaked... poor soul. I think he had drunk too much milk. We changed him but he wouldn't go back to sleep. I don't think he woke because of the bed... I think he would have woken if he had been in the cot anyway.

All in all I think he is making the transition really really well :) I'm very proud of him!

Menu Plan Monday

On our menu this week (and it's sort of easy because were having leftovers tonight, were having a takeout on Friday, and not at home for dinner on 2 nights!):

Monday: Leftover Turkey Meatloaf with Mash and Panfried Leeks
Tuesday: Parsnip Soup with Crispy Bacon and Garlic Cheese Croutons
Wednesday: Sticky Ribs and Spicy Sweet Potato Wedges
Thursday: Pasta 'n' Sauce with Chicken Grills
Friday: Takeout for James Birthday Tea!
Saturday: Our for dinner at Made In Belfast
Sunday: Dinner at my mum's house!

Friend Makin Monday - My Daybook

The Simple Woman's Daybook:

Outside my window.... it has only just started to get light. I hate dark mornings!! Roll on the summer! It looks dreary and I can see people leaving for work and walking to school. I can see that our grass reeeeeally needs cut!

I am thinking.... how nice it would be to be able to just go back to bed for 2 hours. Ollie woke at 5 today... nice!

I am thankful... that even though Ollie woke at 5am, he is still in a really good mood! I am also thankful that my hubby made me feel good yesterday by telling me that I am a wonderful wife!

I am praying (hoping)... that this is my month for a BFP.

I am reading..."When will there be good news?" by Kate Atkinson. It's a lovely book and easy to read... 3 seperate stories that seem to be starting to intertwine with one another.

I am creating... 2 blog designs and 1 set of announcements at present! I am a very busy lady!

From the kitchen... the unwashed dishes and plates are glaring at me! Eek!

Around the house... I have very little housework to do. Today will just be a playday for me and Ollie.

One of my favorite things... is baking! I really wish I had the energy today to make a lovely warm batch of banana bread muffins!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Ollie and I get our swine flu jabs tomorrow and then we are going to our friend's house for a playdate. We have baby group on Wednesday, meeting another of our friend's (with baby) and James is off work on Friday because it is his 30th birthday!! On Saturday were going for a lovely posh dinner with family etc in honor of James 30th and then out to a club! I love busy weeks!

If you want to take part in Friend Makin Monday's, or just check out Amber Filkins Blog click here!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our sleeps are back to normal now WOOHOO!

Ollie has slept the whole night the past 2 nights and his mood during the day has been super good. Maybe the teething is calming down for a little while. He has developed a little cough now but I can't seem to make it go away!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ollie is teething badly apparently...

The poor soul has not been sleeping well the last 2 nights (as I mentioned in a previous post), has had bright red cheeks and his fingers in his mouth. The teeth coming through are the bad guys. The teeth at the very back of his mouth!

Tonight I put him to bed and he didn't settle, normally he is SO good at settling himself to sleep. I went to his room but he was hysterical anytime I left.... so James and I tried the whole Controlled Crying method, which we used before when he was a lot smaller... and it was awful!! He was in such a state we have had to bring him down for a cuddle and James is currently cuddling with him on the sofa in front of the telly.

Poor soul. I don't know what to do for the best. Controlled Crying worked amazingly for us in the past, but it just feels a bit strange doing it now that he is a lot older and more aware.

We can't keep going on getting up 5 times a night though :(

Please cross your fingers that tonight is easier, and that whatever is bothering my little man, eases up.

Edited to add:After his cuddle with James, I took him up to bed, played a tiny amount of peekaboo with his teddy, gave him a kiss and left.... there has not been a peep since...

I don't understand!


I think when I reach 100 followers I am going to feature a follower each week. (Maybe 2). I might also make a pretty badge for you to take with you if you are featured :)

I find it so hard to visit every single follower, that I hope this might make up for it a little bit :)

It feels as though I have a newborn again...

For the last 2 nights Ollie has been up and down and up and down. Can't a mummy just get a lovely, peaceful nights sleep?

The poor soul is teething again and teething hard. He already has his 16 main teeth and now were just onto the VERY back 4. It doesn't seem to bother him as much during the day and am not sure why they feel more sore at night time, but I wish he was able to sleep.

Last night James went in to him first and tried to settle him, picked him up, put him down, picked him up and brought him into our bed. He settled a little in our bed, but he is that fidgety that neither James or I can sleep properly with him there. So he went back to bed, only to wake a few minutes later and I went in and tried all the same stuff. Think we were up and down at least 5 times. He then woke for the day at 7am and was pacified until 7.30am.

He wasn't even that bad a sleeper when he was a newborn... I'm exhausted today, my eyes are puffy, and I'm pretty sure that once we get the next hour over us, his tiredness will kick in and I will have a super grumpy toddler on my hands.

I want to go back to bed now please.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009 Photo Recap!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. It was lovely to see Ollie enjoying it this year, now that he understands a little more.

Ollie woke on Christmas Day about half 7 and James brought him into our bed, along with his big sack of pressies. I think we went a little bit overboard (well I did) on the amount of small pressies in his sack, because it took forever for him to go through them all.

In his stocking Ollie found toy cars, sweeties, chocolate coins, first pants (so so cute!), lots of new books, an Iggle Piggle toothbrush, Iggle Piggle slipper socks, crayons, pencils, paint stampers and his first paintbrush.

After he opened his sack and looked through everything, we went downstairs together.

James treated me to a stack of clothes (but I already knew I had these as I picked them myself), bath bombs that I asked for, 2 books, Burt's Bees face cream and lipbalm. It was lovely to get everything I asked for!

For Christmas breakfast we had yummy scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.

We all got dressed (Ollie looking very smart in shirt and tie!) and drove to James mum's house for Christmas morning. It is tradition for his aunts and uncles and cousins to all congregate at his mum's for the morning before everyone leaves to cook dinner!

When we arrived home, I got started on Christmas dinner.

The menu consisted of:

Goat's Cheese and Carmelised Onion Tart (with rocket salad and balsamic vinegarette)


Roast Duck with a Spiced Butter and Honey Sauce (with fine beans, asparagus, mashed sweet potato and roasties)

After dinner we visited my friend Bex and her family and then my mum, Harry and my brothers came over to us. James mum then came to stay over night.

On Boxing Day we had dinner at James mum's house and then his sister and her boyfriend came back to our house for a few hours.

My niece was christened on the 27th.

Happy (belated) New Year

Here is hoping that 2010 is a great year!!

Too...Much.... Christmas Chocolate