Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It feels as though I have a newborn again...

For the last 2 nights Ollie has been up and down and up and down. Can't a mummy just get a lovely, peaceful nights sleep?

The poor soul is teething again and teething hard. He already has his 16 main teeth and now were just onto the VERY back 4. It doesn't seem to bother him as much during the day and am not sure why they feel more sore at night time, but I wish he was able to sleep.

Last night James went in to him first and tried to settle him, picked him up, put him down, picked him up and brought him into our bed. He settled a little in our bed, but he is that fidgety that neither James or I can sleep properly with him there. So he went back to bed, only to wake a few minutes later and I went in and tried all the same stuff. Think we were up and down at least 5 times. He then woke for the day at 7am and was pacified until 7.30am.

He wasn't even that bad a sleeper when he was a newborn... I'm exhausted today, my eyes are puffy, and I'm pretty sure that once we get the next hour over us, his tiredness will kick in and I will have a super grumpy toddler on my hands.

I want to go back to bed now please.

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  1. Oh honey, I know how you feel! It will get better soon (that's what people keep telling me anyway! LOL)