Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ollie is teething badly apparently...

The poor soul has not been sleeping well the last 2 nights (as I mentioned in a previous post), has had bright red cheeks and his fingers in his mouth. The teeth coming through are the bad guys. The teeth at the very back of his mouth!

Tonight I put him to bed and he didn't settle, normally he is SO good at settling himself to sleep. I went to his room but he was hysterical anytime I left.... so James and I tried the whole Controlled Crying method, which we used before when he was a lot smaller... and it was awful!! He was in such a state we have had to bring him down for a cuddle and James is currently cuddling with him on the sofa in front of the telly.

Poor soul. I don't know what to do for the best. Controlled Crying worked amazingly for us in the past, but it just feels a bit strange doing it now that he is a lot older and more aware.

We can't keep going on getting up 5 times a night though :(

Please cross your fingers that tonight is easier, and that whatever is bothering my little man, eases up.

Edited to add:After his cuddle with James, I took him up to bed, played a tiny amount of peekaboo with his teddy, gave him a kiss and left.... there has not been a peep since...

I don't understand!


  1. Oh it will get easier! I promise!

  2. Teething is awful and kids are really crazy lol! I didn't know bright red cheeks were a sign of teething. Isabella is all rosy cheeked today. Hopefully her teeth will pop out soon because I'm exhausted. Hoping Ollie's teeth follow suit.

  3. Kids who're hurting just need their mama's. Dads are great fun, but moms make everything all better.

    hmmmm...lately we do ibuprofen for teething just at night. It lasts up to 8 hours! Call your pediatrician's nurse for the correct dosing per your child's weight.

    The homeopathic tablets worked well, too....but not all night.

  4. Poor Ollie! I had hoped playing with Ivy Woo would have tired him out lots for you! Hope the rest of the night stayed calm xxx

  5. Hi!
    Visiting from SITS! ;)

    I have 2 little boys (1 and 4).

    Take heart, I'm sure his little teethers do hurt and he may be going through a little developmental phase too.

    You mentioned that he's more aware of what's going on...yep, that's true, so he may be testing bedtime boundaries as well. I found this to be true of BOTH my boys at around the 18/19 mo old age.

    You are their FAVORITE person to be around, so, of course they don't want to part when it's time to say goodnight. My youngest just went through this about a month ago...crying extra loud and strong at bedtime when he used to be so good at it!!(he's currently 19mo)
    I just stayed consistent with our regular routine (this did involved letting him cry a bit) and after about a week he was back to his old great beddy-bye self!

    Have you heard of the book "Solve Your Childs Sleep Problems"? Great suggestions in there!

  6. Hearing your little one cry is sooo hard. I will be praying with my fingers crossed.

    Stopping by from SITS!

  7. Teeting sucks. I hope he starts to feel better. My kitty is teething and apparently my wrist is her teething ring. Ouch.