Sunday, January 17, 2010

Guess what I got?

Only an IPHONE!!!

What are your favourite apps?


  1. Oh how exciting! Have fun playing with it!

  2. Oh fun! My husband and I love the brick maze game. (i don't actually know what it's called? LOL)

  3. I'm so jealous!! That is one of our goals, to get an iPhone this year. :)

  4. Welcome to the club!

    Tweetie, Pandora, Cellfire & Coupons, Fandago, ScoreCenter(for nfl) College FB, Tv Guide, The Weather Channel, TMZ, RedLaser, CBS News, Gilt Group, IMDb, YPmobile, TicTacFree, Bouncedown, Paper Toss, Flood-it, Unblock me, Dots Free, LineUp, FlingFree, Sally's Salon

    Those are some of my faves!

  5. Congrats :)

    I have SO MANY!

    Facebook, BlueCam, bbc iplayer, tv guide, PandoraBox (great for finding free apps), Fling, Brain Tuner, iDork free, Shrek Kart, TwistLink, Waterslide, any of the Twitter apps, SpawnLite, Emoji Free

    All of these were free - have fun :)

  6. Well, as a non-iPhone member of society (and I seem to be in the minority these days), all I can say is...

    I'M JEALOUS!!!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  7. Very cool! I'd want one if AT&T wasn't the carrier.

    My fav app is the traffic app and the moviefinder app. I have a tmobile mytouch, pretty much the same thing when it comes to apps. Oh the tv app is cool, cause I can watch some of my shows on it.

  8. Have fun! They are addictive. I have a Droid (Verizon's version) and my husband makes fun of me because of all the apps I have on it.

  9. Have fun! It looks like it would be a lot of fun to have one. Stopping by from SITS!

  10. Stopping by from SITS - my favorite apps are the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner (FREE), Pandora, Facebook, and at one time, the Balloonanimals app for kids. If you kids blow spit when they blow up balloons like mine do you will not want this. I had water damage from this. Lovely.
    I like your blog!!!