Monday, January 25, 2010

Friend Makin Monday - My Daybook

The Simple Woman's Daybook:

Outside my window.... it has only just started to get light. I hate dark mornings!! Roll on the summer! It looks dreary and I can see people leaving for work and walking to school. I can see that our grass reeeeeally needs cut!

I am thinking.... how nice it would be to be able to just go back to bed for 2 hours. Ollie woke at 5 today... nice!

I am thankful... that even though Ollie woke at 5am, he is still in a really good mood! I am also thankful that my hubby made me feel good yesterday by telling me that I am a wonderful wife!

I am praying (hoping)... that this is my month for a BFP.

I am reading..."When will there be good news?" by Kate Atkinson. It's a lovely book and easy to read... 3 seperate stories that seem to be starting to intertwine with one another.

I am creating... 2 blog designs and 1 set of announcements at present! I am a very busy lady!

From the kitchen... the unwashed dishes and plates are glaring at me! Eek!

Around the house... I have very little housework to do. Today will just be a playday for me and Ollie.

One of my favorite things... is baking! I really wish I had the energy today to make a lovely warm batch of banana bread muffins!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Ollie and I get our swine flu jabs tomorrow and then we are going to our friend's house for a playdate. We have baby group on Wednesday, meeting another of our friend's (with baby) and James is off work on Friday because it is his 30th birthday!! On Saturday were going for a lovely posh dinner with family etc in honor of James 30th and then out to a club! I love busy weeks!

If you want to take part in Friend Makin Monday's, or just check out Amber Filkins Blog click here!!


  1. sounds like a fun filled busy week well except for the swine flu shots. Have a great week.

  2. I wish you had the energy to make a batch of banana bread muffins too so you could share with me.

  3. I love to bake too, and today I plan to do just that!

    Have a great day!

  4. HMMM muffins, now I am hungry. Happy birthday to your hubby!

  5. Baking is one of my favorite things to do but here lately I haven't felt like cooking that much I hope I can get back in the groove very soon!! Happy Birthday to your husband and Happy FMM!!

  6. Sounds like a fun busy week! Happy FMM!

  7. Happy Friend Makin Monday! Visiting from Amber's blog. This was my first time taking part in this! :-)

  8. Happy FMM! You are making me want to bake...yummy! Sounds like a pretty busy week. I love when the house is clean, so I can better focus my attention to my family!

  9. Happy FMM
    I also love busy weeks, yours sounds like a lot of fun, escpecially the posh dinner

  10. Hey, nice to meet you! I enjoyed reading your blog and also enjoy baking. I wish I could eat all I bake and not have to buy new pants!! :)

  11. I would love to go back to bed too!! But not because I got woken up at 5! Banana Muffins sound so good!!

    Happy FMM!

  12. That book sounds really interesting. Sometimes I'm just in the mood for an easy read.

  13. Sounds like a perfect day to me! I wish our grass was so long it needed to be cut. Right now its all just covered with snow.

  14. Sounds like a great day! Love your little ones name. Have a wonderful week!

  15. Ok, I totally don't know all the lingo. What is a BFP? A 'big fat positive'?

    Banana Muffins sound so good. I just got done making super healthy Oatmeal Raisin cookies. Mmmm.

    Happy early birthday to your hubby!