Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009 Photo Recap!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. It was lovely to see Ollie enjoying it this year, now that he understands a little more.

Ollie woke on Christmas Day about half 7 and James brought him into our bed, along with his big sack of pressies. I think we went a little bit overboard (well I did) on the amount of small pressies in his sack, because it took forever for him to go through them all.

In his stocking Ollie found toy cars, sweeties, chocolate coins, first pants (so so cute!), lots of new books, an Iggle Piggle toothbrush, Iggle Piggle slipper socks, crayons, pencils, paint stampers and his first paintbrush.

After he opened his sack and looked through everything, we went downstairs together.

James treated me to a stack of clothes (but I already knew I had these as I picked them myself), bath bombs that I asked for, 2 books, Burt's Bees face cream and lipbalm. It was lovely to get everything I asked for!

For Christmas breakfast we had yummy scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.

We all got dressed (Ollie looking very smart in shirt and tie!) and drove to James mum's house for Christmas morning. It is tradition for his aunts and uncles and cousins to all congregate at his mum's for the morning before everyone leaves to cook dinner!

When we arrived home, I got started on Christmas dinner.

The menu consisted of:

Goat's Cheese and Carmelised Onion Tart (with rocket salad and balsamic vinegarette)


Roast Duck with a Spiced Butter and Honey Sauce (with fine beans, asparagus, mashed sweet potato and roasties)

After dinner we visited my friend Bex and her family and then my mum, Harry and my brothers came over to us. James mum then came to stay over night.

On Boxing Day we had dinner at James mum's house and then his sister and her boyfriend came back to our house for a few hours.

My niece was christened on the 27th.


  1. Happy FMM!
    Your son is very cute. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. SO handsome in his sweater and tie. He looks like the perfect gentleman.

    Why wasn't I invited for roasties? Dinner looks scrumptious!

    Happy New Year.


  3. I absolutely adore the sweater and tie. What a beautiful little one you have!

  4. What great, happy pictures!!! I love your son's little shirt and tie outfit..he looks dashing :)

  5. gorgeous little outfit he's wearing! How sweet!

    And your christmas dinner looked totally yum, especially the caramelised tart! Well done!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing these Superior Snaps! Just looking at your Christmas dinner makes me want to whip up another one, real soon. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...

    Woody Woodpecker...Knot a Problem!

  7. Hi! Following you from MBC! Your little boy is adorable!