Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ollie is learning so so much...

Recently I have really noticed Ollie learning quite a lot... last week he crawled to his dad's shoes, sat down and tried to put them on his feet... and now whenever i go to put his shoes on he lifts his foot up for me...

a few days ago I had the baby wipes lying on the ground while he was having a naked crawl about but he came over and sat down, grabbed a wipe and started wiping his *bits* himself!

He will pick up any cup and put it to his mouth to drink from...

...and last night he was holding his bottle and spotted the lid, grabbed it and tried to put it on top..

It is so so amazing seeing how everything is starting to make sense to him!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sleep advice pleeeeeeeease...

I am ALMOST at my wits end.  Ollie has normally been so so good at going down for the night, normally we just set him in his cot awake but sleepy and we don't hear a peep.... but the last number of nights have been AWFUL... he seems to have developed a fear of going to bed.  As soon as we set him in his cot, tuck him in, rub his tummy and stroke his head, say night night and walk away he goes hysterical.  He ends up screaming so bad that his breathing sounds strange and it sounds like he will at any minute throw up.  I'm not sure what to do.  I've tried controlled crying in the past and this worked and is the reason why he has been such a good sleeper... but it seems to have disappeared.  We tried the controlled crying last night but his crying was much worse than when i used to use controlled crying.


It hurts knowing that my boy falls asleep in tears :(

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So... February - June, what has happened...?

  • Ollie celebrated his very first Valentine's Day... He got a card and a heart chocolate bar from Charlotte and a heart balloon from Ruby!  He then went on a Valentine's date to his Nanny's while James and I went out for dinner.
  • He tasted his very first pancakes on Pancake Tuesday with sugar and lemon.
  • He learnt to roll from front to back and back to front.
  • Ollie had his first attempt at feeding himself.
  • He said Dada for the first time and learnt to commando crawl.

  • Ollie learnt to crawl backwards.
  • He got a 3rd tooth...
  • ...and a 4th tooth!
  • I had my very first mother's day.
  • We started looking for a house to buy...
  • ...and had an offer accepted on a house!
  • Ollie had his first go on swings...
  • and he even tried his first olive.

  • In April James and I applied for a mortgage.  Very very scary!
  • I won £50 mothercare vouchers from a baby photo competition and we spent it on a paddling pool and balls to put into the pool when not being used with water.
  • Ollie got a 5th tooth...
  • ...and 6th tooth...
  • He learnt to say up...
  • ...and hiya!
  • Ollie also learnt to clap...
  • and ate a lot of easter eggs!

  • Ollie went into his paddling pool for the first time (in the house I might add!  It was too cold outside so we put towels on the living room floor)
  • He learnt to crawl properly...
  • ... and got first pair of proper shoes and started pulling himself up to standing.
  • He learnt to drink from a straw.
  • We moved house...
  • and I laid vinyl flooring for the first time.
  • James and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary
  • I had japanese for the first time.
  • Ollie went to his very first baby concert...
  • ...and he got his 7th and 8th tooth!

  • Ollie turned 1 and had a lovely party.
  • He saw ducks at the duckpond for the first time.
  • Ollie slept until 8.30am... and since then has been sleeping till 7.00 - 7.30... an improvement on the early 6am starts!
  • Ollie and I made playdough from scratch!

PHEW!  That is a lot.  It is mad how fast things happen!

How crummy am I at blogging!?

Gosh, I have not posted since February and so so much has happened.  I am going to try and catch up here everything that has happened in the past 4 months! Can you seriously believe how bad I am at this blogging thing?  So many things started to happen and I just did not get the chance to blog and here I am asking for forgiveness.  There has been loads of things happening recently that I have desperately wanted to write down, but I was not sure whether or not to come back to blogging as I was not sure I could keep it up, but I'm going to give it a go.

Please bear with me while I type some posts and catch you up on our going-ons.