Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So... February - June, what has happened...?

  • Ollie celebrated his very first Valentine's Day... He got a card and a heart chocolate bar from Charlotte and a heart balloon from Ruby!  He then went on a Valentine's date to his Nanny's while James and I went out for dinner.
  • He tasted his very first pancakes on Pancake Tuesday with sugar and lemon.
  • He learnt to roll from front to back and back to front.
  • Ollie had his first attempt at feeding himself.
  • He said Dada for the first time and learnt to commando crawl.

  • Ollie learnt to crawl backwards.
  • He got a 3rd tooth...
  • ...and a 4th tooth!
  • I had my very first mother's day.
  • We started looking for a house to buy...
  • ...and had an offer accepted on a house!
  • Ollie had his first go on swings...
  • and he even tried his first olive.

  • In April James and I applied for a mortgage.  Very very scary!
  • I won £50 mothercare vouchers from a baby photo competition and we spent it on a paddling pool and balls to put into the pool when not being used with water.
  • Ollie got a 5th tooth...
  • ...and 6th tooth...
  • He learnt to say up...
  • ...and hiya!
  • Ollie also learnt to clap...
  • and ate a lot of easter eggs!

  • Ollie went into his paddling pool for the first time (in the house I might add!  It was too cold outside so we put towels on the living room floor)
  • He learnt to crawl properly...
  • ... and got first pair of proper shoes and started pulling himself up to standing.
  • He learnt to drink from a straw.
  • We moved house...
  • and I laid vinyl flooring for the first time.
  • James and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary
  • I had japanese for the first time.
  • Ollie went to his very first baby concert...
  • ...and he got his 7th and 8th tooth!

  • Ollie turned 1 and had a lovely party.
  • He saw ducks at the duckpond for the first time.
  • Ollie slept until 8.30am... and since then has been sleeping till 7.00 - 7.30... an improvement on the early 6am starts!
  • Ollie and I made playdough from scratch!

PHEW!  That is a lot.  It is mad how fast things happen!


  1. Oh yeah, and I'm glad you're back! :)

  2. Wow he has done so much! I wish I had been taking more notes on when Jackson did what. Even with my blog I haven't kept up with as many Jackson updates as I should have.

    How did you teach him how to drink out of a straw? Jackson won't drink out of anything except a bottle. I've tried so many different sippy cups and he just doesn't like them!

  3. Thanks Cassie!! :)

    I feel bad for not having written in so long, but I want to keep it up again :)

    You know how i wrote the above lists?? I went through facebook and checked up on all my status updates hahaha :)