Friday, September 4, 2009

Ollie's First Haircut!!

Ollie's hair was getting a bit too long at the back and over his ears... it kept tickling him... and because his hair is very fine but very long on the top it started to look like a bald man's comb-over!! So, I rang the hair salon and they said that unless he would sit still while they did it with scissors (which I know for a fact he wouldn't), then they would just use the razors. The hairdresser then told me that I could probably do it myself if I had some at home, which we do. It went well. I put on Waybuloo which is a very chilled and quiet kids tv show, and I started cutting. He started humming along to the sound of the razor and giggled when I was cutting the hair at the back of his neck. I got a fright because it looked VERY short at first, but actually it looks really cute. I think he looks more grown up and boyish now rather than babyish.




  1. What a cutie! That haircut definitely suits him. My son was almost three when he got his first haircut, since he was mostly bald. Now, at age 8, he has a full head of seriously thick black hair. Your little Ollie is just adorable!

  2. oh my!! he's a little cutie!! i love the hair cut, he looks so grown up :)

  3. He is so cute. All my boys have this same haircut. The twins get different lengths (a 2 and a 5) and little man gets like a 6. It is so much easier and cheaper than taking them to get it cut.