Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This week I am loving:

♥  Brainstorming for our house decorating over-haul using Pinterest (click to check out my boards)
♥  The relief that ibuprofen and Solpadine bring me (I have crazy bad toothache)
♥  Takeaway Chinese food
♥  New blog friends (I'll be putting a list of my favourite blogs in my sidebar shortly)
♥  Halloumi (Hubby and I had never had this before until a couple of weeks ago.... now we can't get enough!)
♥  How skinny I am going to be now that hubby and I are dieting :)
♥  My new book - Room by Emma Donohue
♥  Planning out my new tattoos (more on that later)
♥  The way Ollie cutely asks if I am feeling better yet
♥  Playing shop with Ollie (I got him a toy till and toy shopping basket with food!)
♥  Painting my nails with Saville Row by Nails Inc.
♥  Chocolate Tart from Insomnia
♥  New followers :)
♥  Paperchase
♥  Putting together a parcel for my fab penpal Kendra :)
♥  Chai Lattes
♥  Watching Ollie and James play together.... they're rough and loud and so cute!


  1. Watching your guys play and a chocolate tart sounds great! Feel weel soon.

  2. "How skinny I am going to be now that hubby and I are dieting :)"
    SO funny, thats certainly the right attitude!!! :)

    Your loving all sorts of good stuff!!

  3. Gorgeous picture!
    I can't wait to have my baby to start loosing weight again! I so want to be skinny again!

  4. Welcome to the world of Halloumi! I'd never had it until we moved to Cyprus, now it's a staple item in my fridge!

  5. hello Im your newest follower from the hop

  6. Love these lists!! I made my own little simple things lists on Staying Home Staying Sane (
    By the way....I love the nails comment!!! My maiden name is Saville! I've always told my husband I should've hyphenated my name because Saville is so much better then Dodds. :)