Monday, September 22, 2008

My blog keeping skills...

of late have been a bit more than awful...

I promise promise promise promise I'll make a little bit of time for myself to blog in the evenings.

Life has been hectic since we moved back here... we LOVE it and since moving back and seeing family and friends again... our social life has just exploded.  I know that's not a proper excuse and should not count as to why i haven't been blogging as much, because I love blogging and really should take that little bit of time out to post!

We now visit my mum for dinner every Sunday and we visit James mum for dinner ever Monday... other days I have been spending with my mum (hey, we have 2 years of only seeing each other once a month, to make up for) because she works near where we live and often she pops in to say hi before or after a shift (she is a nurse)... I've also been spending time with my best friend Charlene and her little 11 month old darling Josh.

James and I still have a lot of decluttering and organising to do on the house... we got a good bit done on Saturday when my mum took Ollie off us for a few hours.  We even had a date on Saturday!  Not something we get a chance to do much!!

I am going to be going to a mother baby group as of next Friday and I'm really looking forward to it.  It is about a 2 minute walk from my house and I'll be going with my friend Clare who has a 10 month old baby called Ruby.

This Thursday James, Ollie and I are heading off to Kelso in Scotland to visit my Granny and Granda.  It will be the first time they meet Ollie and Ollie is very excited to meet them.  I can't wait.  It isn't often that great grandparents get to meet their great grandchildren so we feel lucky that Ollie will have the chance.  I haven't seen them since my wedding in May of last year.

These are all the plans I have so far, but hopefully you get an idea of how busy I've been lately.  I am going to set aside time every day to do my blogging as I have really been missing it!!

O0o0oh and Ollie has had a couple of spoons of baby rice and he loved it!  He is 4 months this week so we are going to start weaning him properly either this week or next.  He is definately ready and I can't wait to let him try all the lovely food on offer!

He is also getting his vaccinations tomorrow.  Fun.

Anyways!  I hope you girls (and guys?) are all fab!  I'll be back very very soon with proper, regular blog posts, pics of Ollie, recipes etc etc... in fact I have one waiting here for stuffed meatloaf... huge success by the way!!

Emma xx

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