Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend (kind of our first proper weekend here since we only moves in last weekend) back here in Belfast.

Friday night we had my best friend Charlene and her husband over for dinner as they had not seen the house yet.  They brought their adorable 11 month old son Josh also and he is nearly walking!  It was lovely to see her and catch up a bit after not seeing her since July!  Were both pretty excited to be living so close now and already have arrangements for next weekend!  The size of us (us, the husbands and the babies) are all going for lunch to Ed's Grill in Lisburn.

We went to St. George's Market which is in a massive indoor 'bit of everything' type market.  James and I both LOVE markets and neither of us had really been to this one and we loved it.  It is held weekly and we are definatly going to go back.  We picked up some angus burgers, smoked cheese and chilli burgers, spicy lamb burgers, steak and guinness sausages, chilli sausages and 2 tubs of fresh mixed seafood which we normally make into a chowder.  Our new freezer is now stocked!  Hubby and I have this dream of opening a stall ourselves... we would sell chilli.  James is by far the best chilli chef I have ever come across.  We have to investigate what it would cost though and what sort of a licence we would need but we reckon it would definately be a hit!

On Sunday we visited my mum.  She lives out in the fields in a darling little cottage.  We decided when we moved back we would have a set day that we visit my mum and stepdad for dinner and a set day that we visit James folks for dinner too.... that way, no matter how busy we are in the week, at least we get to see them both at least once.  We want to start some traditions with Ollie and think this is a nice one.  Anyway, this was our first Sunday doing this!  My mum cooked a lamb roast with all the trimmings.... roast potatoes, vegetables, yummy gravy and mint jelly. YUM!  After we had dinner we went for a walk down the road with Geordie the dog on a lead and Ollie in a pram :-)

It just feels so so awesome to be back.


  1. wow, sounds like you had an awesome weekend! :)

    Can't believe how big Ollie is getting... :O

    Must feel nice to be home again, I kinda miss good ol' Ballygowan - where nothing ever happens! :D


  2. I love all that green!!! I would love to visit that country someday.