Friday, December 5, 2008

Ollie is 6 months today!

Happy 6 month birthday little man!

Half a year has gone by and Ollie has grown and leart so much!  He weighs nearly 8kg and measures a long 65cm!

Ollie is now nearly sitting unaided.  He pretty much can, he just has to stop falling backwards, but he is definately much more sturdy.  he has really strong legs and tries to stand while I'm holding him... he has even tried to crawl (not getting too far) during tummy time.  His little bum goes in the air and he pushes with his feet.  It is so cute!

My clever little man can now see and hear almost the same as I do and his communication skills are developing rapidly.  He has a wide range of squeals, gurgles and what sounds a little bit similar to opera singing!  He even sometimes repeats certain syllables and often I swear he is saying mama!  But at other times I swear I hear him saying Emma!  I'm pretty sure he doesn't know who mama is just yet but it's nice to hear him make the sounds!  I don't think babies start being specific until they are about 10 months old.

There is still no sign of any teeth (poor lamb) but I'm pretty sure he will get one before Christmas.  Hopefully then he can have a little break from teething.  To be honest most days aren't bad but occasionally we have that awful day in between where nothing comforts him and we both end up quite upset by it.  I can feel little lumps right under his gum.  It has to come soon because I can't imagine it hurting him any more severly than it does already!

Weaning is going ok.  Ollie is now eating 3 meals a day.  He normally gets fruit or baby cereal for breakfast, vegetables for lunch and vegetables with rice for dinner.  We tried him on some sweet potato with chicken stock mixed in today and he was not that fussed but we will keep trying it.  I'd like to get him used to that before trying him on real meat.  I reckon he will be eating meat before Christmas... and he can have himself a little Christmas Roast!  Yum!  He tried avocado the other day and loved it!  He ate an entire one!  He doesn't make funny faces at food anymore and sometimes looks excited when he sees me coming with the bowl and spoon.

Can't believe how fast the time has gone... I'm learning loads and having so much fun with my little man :)


  1. Isn't that just so exciting?! I can't believe it has been 6 months!

  2. Happy half-birthday, Ollie!
    Cute picture, too :)

  3. Gosh he's cute! Found you from Cassie's blog...thanks for remembering the name of those teething things for her! I couldn't for the life of me! :)