Monday, December 22, 2008

Catch Up!

Have not written in ages.  Again.. things have been hectic.  Were getting ready for our first Christmas as a family... and Ollie got sick!

His first ever sickness.  Not bad considering he is 6 and a half months old now and had never had so much as a sniffle!  Poor wee man started to sniffle on Tuesday, on Wednesday he sounded quite bunged and was off his food... Thursday I was going crazy that he was not eating much... it had gone down to just one and a half bottles and a small yoghurt IN A WHOLE DAY!!

I took Oliver to the Dr. on Friday evening but he was very unhelpful... he didn't reassure me about Ollie's lack of eating and prescribed an antibiotic.

We woke up on Saturday to Ollie breathing very very badly.  It really scared me because it sounded just like my chest would if I was having an asthma attack... I know though that babies do breath faster than adults.  We went to the hospital A and E department and were seen by a very friendly Dr. who told us Ollie had bronchiolitis and it was mild (I'd hate to see what bad would be given that his breathing panicked me so much!).  He said so long as he was getting SOME liquids he would be ok and to keep an eye that he did not develop a fever.  He also told us that the Dr. should not have prescribed antibiotics because they would be useless!  He said this is viral and would just have to run it's course.

Ollie stayed at my mum's house on Saturday night so that I could catch up on some rest and a little bit of relax time because I have been worrying myself sick.  Ollie came home yesterday looking so much brighter and rested and today he has nearly got his whole apetite back.  I'm so glad it's passing.

It's hard as a first time mummy, knowing when to be really worried and when to relax about things!

Were all ready for Christmas... all the pressies are wrapped, I've made gorgeous mince pies and cinammon cookies... were going for dinner with my mum, stepdad and one of my brothers on Christmas Eve, having lamb for Christmas dinner just the 3 of us, and spending boxing day with James family!  I can't wait.  James is not off work untl Christmas Eve so only one more day to go!  I'm so excited to be having Ollie's first Christmas.  I will document it with lots and lots of pictures!

Have a lovely Christmas everyone!

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