Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our new addition!

Introducing....... LOLA :)

Lola is our new 1 1/2 year old Jack Russell.  Isn't she GORGEOUS.  I have to admit, I have never seen a black and tan Jack Russell before.  I always thought they were white and tan.

Lola came from a pound.  Her previous owners weren't good to her.  She was abused and neglected and as a result is very quiet and timid and LOVES affection.

We are teaching her to play... but she just doesn't understand yet as no-one has ever really played with her before.

She is BESOTTED with James.  As soon as James comes home from work, she is pretty much stuck to his lap until bedtime.

I am so glad she is a part of our family now and hope we can make her happy.  She is definitely more settled than she was when we first got her.  She is becoming more relaxed and visibly happy.


  1. That is adorable same colour as mine (mine is a kelpie x daxon) 3 yrs old so cute !

  2. I LOVE pound dogs...that have so much soul. How lovely that she has gained such affection for someone already. She's really cute. I always that they were white and tan, too! :)