Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bump Watch + Contractions

Ouchy. Skin... stretching... Notice how it has dropped though. It is sitting much lower than before. 

Well here I sit at 8am having had a painful and restless night.  Contractions started at 10pm and got strong and regular very fast.  When we rang for a taxi at 12.30am they were every 7 minutes and when we got checked in at the hospital, they were every 5.  The hospital told me that I was not dilated at all but my womb was softening and she thought I would be in labour within the next 24 hours.

We decided to come home because we live so close to the hospital anyway and the thought of my own bed, shower, tv and fridge to keep me occupied sounded better than the hospital.  We arrived home at about 3.00am.

Contractions kept coming and were at 3 minutes apart at the fastest but they seemed to slow down then.  At 5am I fell asleep and this morning I woke with nothing.  So frustrating!!  I have since had just one contraction and hope things take off again.  Could it be that my body was so so tired what with being awake all day and contractions only starting at night, and they stopped so my body could rest... if so... I'm rested now... BRING ON THE PAIN!!

Fingers crossed everyone... I want to meet my little man today!

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  1. Oooh, good luck, you guys, I'm thinking of you. xxx