Tuesday, October 28, 2008

...and so the teething begins again!

After a blissful 4 or 5 days the teething seems to have come back with a vengence.  Ollie had a few really happy and settled days which I think is the calm before the storm... I think his teething is really going to take of soon and maybe a tooth will come through... it has to as I can't imagine it getting any worse for him!!

Yesterday was plain awful!  One of the most upset days we have ever had.  We both ended up in tears.  It really makes me feel so so sad tat there isn't more that I can do for him and he looks at me so upset trusting that I will do everything I can to make him all better :(  Please hurry up little white tooth... and then let the boy have a little break.

On the other hand... even though yesterday was awful we got pretty much an entire nights sleep from Ollie.  He slept right through on Sunday night which was lovely... he woke up about 6.30 or so... and this morning he woke about 4.30 but we just brought him into bed with us and he fell back asleep.  He has proven that he no longer needs the night feed.  The Gina Ford book is brilliant... I just hope it continues to work!

We have also started his weaning again to see how he takes to it.  There have been no problems the last couple of times and I'm only giving him a very tiny amount to start off with... smaller than we started with last time.

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