Thursday, October 16, 2008

I tried...

to start weaning ollie off his dummy today.  We don't want him to get too attached to it and then it will be harer but it seems to help him so much with his sore teeth... and it's the only way he can sleep.

I've given up...


... in fact I gave up at midday today.

This was the reason he screamed so much this morning.  The reason they call them soothers is because they really do soothe a baby!  I don't think I will try weaning him off it now until after he has all his teeth or he gives it up himself.  I thought weaning him off during the day only would be a good start and then we could tackle the nighttime.  Boy did he hate me today :(

1 comment:

  1. Good luck. I took Jackson off his but he wasn't too hooked on it anyway. He was always spitting it out.

    Can I ask a random question? What do you DO with Ollie all day? I feel like everything I do with Jackson just bores him (or me!) after just two or three minutes.