Friday, October 17, 2008

Good Boy!

Ollie has been going to bed with a soother and swaddled up all tight every night... the swaddling started because he kept knocking his dummy out and waking himself up every few minutes!  Anyway... we have visions of swaddling him and putting him to bed with a soother until he is like 4 or 5 yars old so James and I decided we would like to start kicking those habits... at least before 6 months which is the age they develop dependencies and grow attached to things.

Last night... we put Ollie to bed with no soother and no swaddling.  I thought it would be awful!!  He screamed for about half an hour and then that was it... no moer screaming and a pretty relaxed night all in all... no swaddling and no soother!

It was hard letting him cry for that long because normally I am right up there in a shot.  James put a white noise track on his cd which sounds just like fuzzy noise on a radio and this calmed him down!

We will see how tonight goes... but it looks as if this is going to be easier than I imagined.  If we can wean him off the soother at nighttime then we will get started on the day time.

Good boy Ollie!!!


  1. Good for him! Man it is so hard to hear them cry...Good luck though!

  2. Yay Ollie! We need to lose the dummy too, I'd rather he didn't pack it in his bag for Kindergarten!