Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Boy

We had a lovely weekend... as much as I missed Ollie on Saturday night, James and I had a really lovely, romantic meal out... I even wore a dress!!  We had an entire night of sleep and didn't get up on Sunday until 11.45! Nearly lunchtime.  Ollie went to church with my mum before she, Harry and Ryan came for dinner at our house.  It would appear that Ollie prefers to be good for his granny rather than me.  He slept the whole night through at my mum's house... something he never does here!  I'm not sure what we are doing wrong hehe!

I think his teething has calmed down the last couple of days because there has not been anywhere near as much crying as the previous week or so.  He is in such a good mood!  Maybe the teething is calming down for a few days and then the REAL teething starts after... I'm pretty sure it is going to cut through quite soon.

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