Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ollie's first holiday!

Our first family holiday was a success.  Were back from 4 and a half lovely days of relaxing, eating lovely food and viewing the amazing Scottish sights and scenery!  It was great to have James for a long weekend instead of just the normal two days and Ollie kept quite happy almost the entire time!  It was so exciting bringing Ollie over to Scotland to meet his Great Grandparents (my Granny and Grandad) for the first time.  They were so pleased to meet him and spoilt him with cuddles hehe!

My Granny and Grandad moved to a place on the Scottish Borders called Kelso in May.  Kelso is a very picturesque, pretty and historical town with cobbled roads and old abbey ruins!  My Granny is an archaeologist so it is a brilliant location with lots of interesting things for her to see!

While we were in Kelso we saw a lot!  On Friday we went to visit my Uncle Damon and his children (my Auntie was picking my cousin Ellie up from boarding school so we didn't get to see much of them).  I got to meet my 6 year old twin cousins, Toby and Oscar, who I have never met before and also saw a cousin, Hamish, who I have not seen since he was a baby!  He is now 9!  They adored Ollie and gave him lots of cuddles!!  My Uncle built his own house and it's fabulous!  Hamish gave us the tour!

Friday was my Auntie Tammy's birthday so we all had a nice dinner together.  James and I made stuffed meatloaf for everyone and it went down a treat... Uncle Damon and the boys came up for cake later in the evening.

On Saturday we packed a picnic and went to Holy Island/ Lindisfarne.  There is a causeway you can drive over but only when the tide is out and when the tide comes in your stuck there until it goes out again!  We went over at 12 midday meaning that the tide was coming in and we could not leave until about 5.45pm!  Luckily there was plenty for us to do.  The Island was adorable... so so pretty... with a castle, saxon church, priory, gift shops, beach and little cafes.  Ollie enjoyed all the fresh air!  We got the best weather!

On Sunday we had a more relazed day and went to visit Uncle Damon again.  The scenery around their house is just amazing so we went for a short walk in the hills.  We then took Granny and Grandad out for dinner to a resturant called Cross Keys and they enjoyed it thoroughly!

The flights were fine both there and back... I thought the air pressure would hurt Ollie's ears but it didn't.  He had his dummy to suck on the whole way and he didn't cry at all the entire flight!

Not sure where we will go next but were definately going back to Scotland next August so we can see the Edinburgh Military Tattoo!!


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  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time! I love all of the photos!