Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Adventures in weaning!

Ollie has been having rice now for a few days... he gobbles it down and has had no tummy problems... so I think he is ready to try something else.  Yesterday I went and bought more apples and pears (already pureed and frozen a few of those previously), some potatoes and carrots!  I went WILD in the kitchen cooking allsorts haha!  I made carrot puree, creamy carrot puree, potato puree and carrot and potato puree mixed together.  I have some very clever food cube trays which i fill, freeze and then pop out into freezer bags.

Accrding to my book on weaning, I should try him on veg and fruit after he is happy with the rice... so it looks like pear is on the menu for lunch... I haven't decided yet!  How exciting... a whole new world is going to open for Ollie soon!

If he is anything like his daddy or me... he is going to ADORE food!

Oo0o0oh Ollie got weighed and measured yesterday after he had his jabs... he now weighs 15lbs 13oz and he is 64cm long!

Also... yesterday he learnt how to do raspberries!  I'll post a video later today!

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  1. I've been feeding Jackson solids too. He hated rice cereal & oatmeal but he loves bananas & sweet potatoes. I've been making his food too and was surprised at how easy it is!