Saturday, October 25, 2008

Staying at Nanny's!

Last night Ollie stayed over at James' mum's house for the first time.  He slept through the night!!  What??  Why won't he sleep thorugh the night here at home where I try my hardest but he will sleep through at both of his grannies houses.  I find it a little bit cheeky to be honest hehe...  James and I had a good night out.  It's nice to get dressed up and go for cocktails!

Anyways... the Contented Baby routine seems to be going ok.  Ollie seems to have finally fully given up his dummy which is just wonderful and he now sleeps unswaddled.  He isn't yet sleepin through the night for James and I but he is falling asleep at his structured nap times... mostly he gets sleepy at these naps times on his own with little or no nursing!  It feels good to have a bit of structure in our day.

I started the Christmas present shopping by the way!  I think getting started is the hard part and after that it's easy to get going.  I bought a present for James' mum and I got a few things for Ollie.  It is hard to know what to buy for him... he is going to be nearly 7 months at Christmas and therefore is able to have all the big boy toys (6 months + toys hehe)!  I got him one of the Fisher Price Amazing Animals Push and Go tractor with animals in the back.  I also got him a baby puzzle cube thing and a crawl along mirror.  I don't want to buy him too many toys because I know his grannies will buy toys too and I don't want him to end up with too many to play with (apart form the fact that we don't have the space here!!).

It's so cold here recently!  We have started lighting the fire and Ollie is transfixed!

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