Wednesday, October 15, 2008

After a small break...

I'm back...!

As you can see I have moved most of the posts from my old blog into here as I feel this blog is more relevant to what I want to write about!

Ollie is doing so well.  We notice a very large change in him every day.  He is so interested in the world around him that it takes forever to feed him... he is too busy looking at everything else going on.  He is so observant and it's lovely to see him so aware and responsive.

We have started weaning him properly.  Just baby rice so far and only a couple of teaspoons a day so his little digestive system can get used to it.  It all seems to be going well so far... he has had no tummy trouble or anything and he LOVES the rice.  I am going to be following the weaning plan set out in "Weaning : whatfoods to itroduce and when".  It makes it easier.  I am also going to be making my own baby food.  I think it's nice to know exactly what he is eating.  Of course, I'll keep a couple of jars in the cupboard for an emergency but I'm looking forward to making his meals.  I've already made and frozen pear puree and apple puree.

Ollie has discovered his hands!  They go into his mouth at every oppurtunity and when his mouth is occupied with a dummy, he rubs his hands together!  He is getting more to grips with holding on to something and reaching out for things and he has the strongest grip!  He likes holding my hand when I'm feeding his bottle :)

We went to our first mother and baby group last Friday and it was wonderful.  It was so relaxed, there was tea and toast, lots of kids running about and babies crawling and lots of other mummys to talk to.  I was nervous at first but everyone was really friendly and I acn't wait to go back this Friday.

On Saturday Ollie had his very first 1st birthday party to attend.  It was the birthday of my best friend Charlene's baby Josh.  They had an entertainer who sung nursery rhymes with the children.  Ollie was a little bit young to understand but I think he had fun seeing all that was going on around him.  It really struck me the very large difference between little Ollie and a child who is one!  The other babies were so grown up compared... and all this in the space of just 8 more months!  I want him to stay small and cuddly forever but at the same time it will be so so wonderful to see him develop into a happy and exciting toddler!

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