Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ollie is very upset

...and I'm not sure if it is his teeth bothering him or the weaning! :( I think we are going to stop giving him solids for a couple of days to see if his mood improves any in which case we will know if we maybe started weaning him a little too early and maybe he just isn't ready yet. Otherwise... if it is his teeth... I really hope one cuts through soon because I seriously can not imagine it getting any worse than this. The poor little man has cried constantly almost non-stop for the last couple of days. There is not much more I can do for him other than give him Calpol and for his gums... just some gel!

:( Poor wee Ollie. I want my happy boy back!

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  1. Ick. Isn't teething awful! It's been bothering little James for like 2 months now, and still nothing to show! I'm making his food too, I have a freezer full of sweet potatoes, squash and carrots, yum! We're doing apples when we get back home. James absolutely GOBBLES his food up, we have to hold him back from lunging at the spoon!

    I hope the food isn't hurting little Ollie, poor little boy! We've got a little screamer too at the moment, he's developing quite the temper!