Thursday, October 23, 2008

Miserable night!

I didn't take Ollie for his jabs on Tuesday... he was in strange form... wouldn't even smile for my mum and that's extremely uusual!!!  So I figured that if there was something wrong or he was getting sick then it was probably best to reschedule.

Yesterday we started Christmas shopping.  I got Ollie's presents form the Early Learning Centre and was super careful not to let him see what I was getting!  So far he is getting a walker from Nanny Hughes and a highchair from Granny Ross.  I got him the Fisher Price Amazing Animals Stop and Go Tractor set... it's cool!  I also got him one of those baby puzzle cube things with different activities on each side and I got him a crawl along mirror.  It felt good to get started... I think that's always the hard part!

Still following Gina Ford's routine and it's going ok.  He has now started falling asleep exactly at 9.00am and waking at 9.45am... after lunch nap takes a bit of cuddling first!  I think it's a good structured routine.  He hasn't yet given up his dummy in the night though.  We started but I felt like we were being too hard on him with his teething and all, that I gave in and gave him the dummy back.  BIG MISTAKE!  Ever since, he has been waking at least 5 times in the night just because it has fallen out.  I think he has toget used to it not being there and that way it won't waken him if it falls out anymore.  Gina Ford is pretty sure from 4 months, babies have the capacity to sleep the whole night through.  I wish!

Last night was the worst.  I am so so tired today and to top it off I have toothache... a wisdom tooth is coming up at the back.  I've been using Ollie's calgel hehe!  And today the weather is HORRID... so windy!  No way am I going anywhere.


Think we will have a duvet day today!

Oh and also... I'm on a diet... a proper one this time that I'm going to stick to.  I've been on it for about a week now and I'm lost just over a pound.  Not much just yet but at least my weight has gone down instead of up!

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