Saturday, July 26, 2008

A bar for babies not really...but close.

Hubby and I went out today (we haven't been out much in the last number of weeks) for lunch to our favourite spot... The Market Bar.  Now as a rule most people would avoid going into a bar (or pub) with a pram... it's just not the done thing... but at The Market Bar it seems ok to do just that.  The Market Bar is a very large space and is mainly a restuarant serving tapas style food... people take their prams there so they can have a lovely lunch and a little drink and not have to worry about where to sit the pram because there is just so so much space.  Anyways... we were there today and it suddenyl occured to us that every couple or at the very least, every other couple that came in, was pushing a pram!  I've seen people take a pram into The Market Bar before, but today was like nothing else I have ever seen.  It was a little like going to a mother baby group or something rather being in one of the top bars in the area that turned into a hot place to be at night.  Strange!  It is a lovely place though... we shared a small toulouse sausage and bean stew, calamari, feta salad and fishcakes.  It is also the only bar that I have every seen that has a baby changing room!

Emma xx


  1. It's nice to be able to find somewhere that's pram-friendly so you can still enjoy eating out with the baby :) There aren't that many in our town but our favourite Chinese restaurant always go out of their way for us (probably because we've been going there for years!)

    Your baby is absolutely gorgeous! :) Makes me all clucky again...shh, don't tell my hubby! LOL

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  2. What a great find! In the U.S. there usually isn't enough room in the restaurants to bring the strollers in, too. Not that many people actually walk to restaurants here. ;)