Tuesday, July 15, 2008


You should seriously see the mess my house gets in these days!  Occasionally it is sparkling clean but this last about 5 minutes and then it is a mess again.  I never imagined that having a baby woul create THAT much extra laundry... when it was just James and I, we would have put the washing machine on once every 3 days... now we are using it at least once every day!  Also... our apartment is just so tiny and the amount of 'things' we have for the baby just take over and ooze out of every corner!  (Roll on the house move!).

So anyway... I have decided that enough is enough and I have revamped my daily and weekly routines to take into account that I now have a baby.  When I wrote my routine before... I was still pregnant and Ollie had not yet been born.

Here it is:

Everyday Routines:


Get up at the same time as Hubby (7am)
Make the bed (change if necessary)
Feed and change Ollie, bath and get him ready for the day
When Ollie settles, get myself washed and ready for the day
Check calendar and to do list
Wipe down the shower, sink and toilet and hang towels neatly
Sterilise bottles for the day
Put in a load of laundry to wash
Iron the previous days washed laundry
Empty the dishwasher and clear up Hubby's breakfast dishes

Evening and Night

Start dinner as soon as Hubby comes home
Clean up as I go in the kitchen and put dishwasher on
Fold laundry when it is dry to iron tomorrow morning
Make sure a shirt is ironed for Hubby
Layout everyone's clothes for tomorrow
Sterilise bottles for night and first one in the morning

Week Routine by Day:

Clean the floors
Vacuum and dust

Clean bathroom
Change towels in bathroom

Change bed
Wash bedclothes
Write meal plan and grocery List

Vacuum and dust
Order Groceries

Sort paperwork and bills
Straighten drawers and closets

Saturday:No housework

Sunday:No Housework

Also... I have decided to start my own Home Management Binder (Control Journal, Household Notebook... call it what you will!).  Does anyone else have one of these?  I'll post pictures when I get it started! :)

Bring on the new more organised me!!

Emma xx


  1. Good luck with your routine! I desperately need a new one, but at this point, I'm thinking I'll just wait until we get back from the big family vacation.

  2. I have like a timetable for managing my little room. But I always slip off in a few weeks.

  3. sounds like a great routine. i need to try to stick to my routine better.

  4. That sounds like a great schedule. I am not so organized. I kind of just do things as I need to. I kind of follow Flylady, if you have heard of that (flylady.net). She has a lot of cleaning schedule, control journal type stuff to get organized.

  5. Oh my goodness--make sure you give yourself plenty of time to sit and enjoy snuggling your new baby...they grow up way too fast!

  6. Ya for you for ironing. My poor hubby has to do all his ironing himself. I have not ironed since I quit working 6 1/2 years ago. I only buy Sunday clothes that are wash and wear. I HATE IRONING!!!

  7. Hi I am too trying to get organized and be a better housewife.
    If you get a chance come check out my progress on my blog.
    I can hardly wait to see your household book. I have bookmarked
    your blog and will be a daily reader.

  8. i wish i was so organized! my little one is 7 months and still i have trouble keeping up with laundry, dishes, etc. you are an inspiration.

    -kris adair (swap-bot)

  9. dont' push yourself too much. you'll wonder where the time has gone when your baby is going into 4th grade (can you tell I'm speaking about myself) but the same cleaning is happening. I know you won't put cleaning above your baby though. How could you, he's so cute!!