Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My son SO does not share my music taste!

After Ollie had been crying for what seemed like forever this morning... I put on the tv to see if music would calm him down.  I had the volume up quite a bit and was surfing the music channels... MTV, MTV Hits, MTV2, MTV Base... Ollie still crying... MTV Dance... Ollie stopped crying and looked at me in amazement.  This was the video that was on.  I am not particularly keen on club type music but Ollie was happy so on I went about my business, only to look at him a minute later to find the music had put him to sleep!

At least I know now what will work in future but seriously... how strange!

Emma xx


  1. Dance Party USA, here you come! It could be worse - it's not polka!

  2. Hey, I have no idea what that dude is saying, but I like the beat. Your kid has style! :)