Saturday, July 26, 2008

Catch Up

Ollie is now weighing a healthy 10lbs and 8oz and he is definately looking a lot larger (and longer).  Sometimes I notice it most when he stretches out on his changing mat.  I definately notice a difference when I'm just holding him.  He seems to be getting slightly colicky again after it dying down for a while so we are back on the infacol and it's helping.  Ollie is due to get his jabs next week... polio, tetanus etc etc etc.... and I'm so nervous.  He had the heel prick test before and screamed the place down, also had his blood taken before and it was awful seeing him so upset.

Ollie is starting to babble at us and making sounds of annoyance and delight.  All in all he is more tuneful than ever before and it's lovely hearing him make new noises.  I think we have heard a giggle on a couple of occasions.  He is smiling occasionally... more and more every day.  Oh and I'm not sure if I mentioned but he had his 6 week check and he is just perfect.  Their only concern was his head control... he is a bit on the floppy side so we are giving him plenty of tummy time to help hims trengthen his little neck muscles!

James is due to finish work on the last Friday of August so only a few weeks to go and then he moves to the same company but in the north of Ireland.  He worked in the same place before we got relocated down here.  His current workplace are taking him for leaving drinks and I'm hoping my mum will travel down to look after Ollie so I can go too.  I haven't had a night out in what seems like forever.  The last time my mum was down (on my birthday) she offered to take Ollie into her room for the night to do the night feeds and get up when he needed.  James and I got to sleep the whole night.  It was lovely.

It's only 5 weeks now until we move into our new house and I can't wait.  I'm slowly but surely getting fed up of this shoe-box sized apartment with no bath (only a shower).  I can't wait to take baths again.  Also, our new house is right beside a lovely, big park so I hope the weather is still good when we move back!  I also can't wait to be back up north and be close to my BEST FRIEND Charlene.  I've missed her loads while I have been here in Dublin.

Sorry for the super random post... things here have been mad the last week and a bit with Ollie being upset quite a bit during the day and me not even having time to tidy the house... yup weve been living in a mess lately.

Will get back to regular posting soon... not just my 365 series :)

Hope all is well with everyone!

Emma xx

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