Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My baby is 5 months today!

He is growing so fast!  His little personality is not so little anymore.  He chats and smiles at everyone he meets!  He knows familiar faces and I THINK he can roll (most of the time he is a little lazy to try though) (I think he can roll because I had to catch him nearly falling off the sofa and there is no other way he could have done that!)

Ollie now weighs 16lbs and is 64cm long!

Unfortunately the Gina Ford thing isn't working out so well... we had a couple of ok nights but now it's just back the way it was when he was a tiny baby!  He woke 3 times last night.  I don't know how to fix this!!

The weaning is going fantastic.  He had porridge with red berries for breakfast the last two days and he loved it!  Today I'm starting him on two solid meals a day rather than one so maybe this will help keep his tummy a little more full and help him sleep longer at night.

The teething is ok at the minute.  Bad days are interspersed with good days and there is no pattern, but when a good day comes around you love it all that much more.  Poor wee soul... I wish there was more I could do for his teeth.  I hope one comes through soon because I can't imagine it getting worse than it is now.

My little man is quite the chatterbox... it's lovely!  He makes such a wide range of sounds and "word" that sometimes I swear I can hear mama!  Apparently they can say it from this age but it has no connection to me being his mama... it's just a sound... what's not to say my baby is a genius though! :)

On his happy days he is the brightest little being I could imagine.  He smiles nonstop and laughs if you use a silly voice, tickle his waist, rub noses, tickle his neck and bounce him on your knees!  His laughs makes James and I both laugh and I nearly cry it's that cute!

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