Friday, August 8, 2008

Life is hectic right now!

Eek!  I haven't been able to post until now... except for the one liner about music!  I've still been taking my 365 photos though and just posted 3 in a row below :)  Things here are just getting on top of me and I've been drowning in a load of washing and ironing.  I haven't had an empty laundry basket since Ollie arrived but I'm just about on top of it now.

There have been roadworks outside our house for the last 2 days... and whatever they are doing has made the water murky!  Tap water here is totally drinkable but I seriously would not touch the stuff at the minute.  When it settles it is full of little brown speckles!  As Ollie takes formula I had to go to the shop today to buy some of the ready made stuff because we can't use the tap water and bottled water is a no-no for babies.  The ready made stuff is so expensive though!  I bought 8 cartons... enough to last until tomorrow lunchtime and it cost me just as much as a tub of powdered formula (which incidently, would last us entire week!!).

The last few nights we have been working very hard at trying to get Ollie into a bedtime routine... we have had so many unsuccessful attempts at putting him to bed at the reasonable bedtime of about 9.  It has kind of worked the last couple of nights though (fingers crossed I haven't jinxed it!!).  It takes a couple of trips into the room to setlle him again but he is usually crashed out completly from about 10!  He then wakes up for his normal middle of the night feed.  Only problem now is trying to get him sleep a little longer in the morning.  because he is going to bed earlier, he is getting up at about 5.30!

Our to-do lists for moving are MASSIVE!  We have to steam the sofas and other items of furniture to make them look sparkly new for the landlords... when we moved in I broke a hanging picture so we have to find a similar picture to replace it with and hope they don't notice...EVERYTHING needs dusted, organised, vacuumed, washed and then lastly... packed!  We have already packed and sent some stuff up to the new house so thankfully there is not as much needing done as there COULD be.

There are only 3 weeks left until we move and I can't wait!  I'm so so excited to be near my friends and family again and also can't wait to live in our new house (and have a garden!! Let's hope silly Ireland weather plays ball and gives us at least a couple of weeks for a barbecue!!)

This weeked the inlaws are coming to stay (james is doing his driving test again on Monday so his dad is coming down to do a little bit of practice driving... keep your fingers crossed for him please!).  On Sunday night my mum is coming down to stay because James will be back up in Belfast preparing for his test on monday morning and it will be our first night apart since Ollie was born.  It doesn't stop there though... on Monday night m brother and his girlfriend are coming to stay and on Thursday James sister and her boyfriend are coming over from London to stay a couple of nights.

Like i said hectic!  Have a great weekend folks :)



  1. I have a tough time deciding if I like it when it's Hectic for me more than I like it when it's calm and easy. At least it's keeping you on your toes. I feel for you about moving, it's always hard, and no matter how much planning I put into it, I'm never really ready.

  2. Yikes! Sounds like you have LOADS to do. :) Sounds like you're having good success with the whole bedtime thing though. Kudos to you!