Friday, November 7, 2008

Were not happy today!

Ollie has never been an upset fact he hardly ever used to cry but now with his teething he seems to have learnt. He cries when i'm there and he cries when I leave the room and last night he woke 6 times in the night crying! It might be down to his sore teeth coming through, but anytime he stays at my mums he sleeps the whole night through... she doesnt have to go to him once!

Im scared i've made him to clingy and im finding the amount of crying very hard to cope with day to day. I just dont know why he is so unhappy when he used to be the happiest baby ever. The sleeping thing was nearly all sorted out... we weaned him off his dummy and he was waking only once in the night... we patted his tummy and he went back to sleep. I feel like he is regressing and things are getting harder than easier. Everyone said things get easier..... but they arent!

I dont know what to do...  I cuddle him, calpol, calgel.... teetha granules...cuddle some more but nothing is working.  I hope it's a phase and I haven't spoilt him by cuddling him too much...

Poor Ollie and me...

Thank goodness it's Friday so we have James here for the weekend!

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