Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My arms feel useless!

Today I haven't had to hold baby and a bottle... I haven't had to push a pram... pick up crying Ollie or throw him in the air to make him giggle... I haven't had to cuddle him in my arms to help him fall asleep for his naps...

My arms feel useless.... but at the end of those arms are some cute nicely manicured nails!

I'm enjoying my break today but I still miss him a lot... like always... things have been so tough recently and I really think I need to give my head some space more often.  A baby's cries are so upsetting and I've been hearing a lot of it in recent weeks.  Poor honey bun.  I never expected to be as upset by his cries as I sometimes am.

He has never been a very upset baby... he hardly ever cried so I think it upsets me more because I'm not used to it.  Those darn teeth!

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