Monday, November 24, 2008

Catch up :)

Were all doing good here... had a really busy weekend!

Our car kind of gave up the ghost during the week... so many things were going wrong with it and the last was the radiator so we decided to take out a car loan and buy a new one.  We got a lovely gunmetal grey Seat Altea.  It is a 2005 car but looks like it has hardly ever been touched.  Were very pleased with the purchase!!

Ollie has been eating all kinds of vegetables recently.  he was not fussed ont he green beans first of all but has come to like them and today was the first ay I introduced a breakfast.  He is now on 3 solids a day and 4 bottles of milk.  I have to start introducing a bit more water though.  I think he will be ready for protein by Christmas... he can have some of our Christmas dinner! :)

We are on top of our Christmas shopping... only a few pressies left to buy.  I have even started wrapping!  James is preparing our Christmas dinner this year and thinking up the menu all by himself.  This is our first Christmas on our own... every other year has been spent with either set of parents.  I'm really looking forward to starting our own traditions.  We are going for dinner with my family on Christmas eve and we are spending Boxing day with James' fmaily.

My mum got Ollie his very own little 1st Christmas stocking!

I've been going to mother and baby group more regularly over the last few weeks and I really like it!  It's so easy on cold days here to stay inside and not do much... so the group is a lovely way to get out for a few hours and chat to other mummys!  I'm already making some friends there.

We are trying to live more frugally.  We seem to leak money constantly so James and I have set ourselves a plan to get into a proper budget and actually think about what we are spending money on.  Our goal is to buy this house in June so we need to save hard hard hard!

Oh, Ollie got his first ever runny nose on Saturday!  Today he seemed more snuffly in the morning so I think he might be getting his first ever cold.  Not bad... 5 months and not a hint of sickness until now!  Let's hope his snuffles don't develop and that the cold stays away!

Still no sign of a tooth!

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