Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This is the life!

Family life is just fabulous.  Were all settling in really well.  Last night Ollie woke just once for a change and a feed at 3.00 which means I had a full 6 hours sleep.  I feel like a different woman today.  His routine is going ok.  Were feeding him every 4 hours so at night James does his last feed and change at 11pm.  I do the 3am feed and then we get up at 7am with James doing the morning feed.  This is our compromise because James has to work.  He does the first and last feed of the day and I do the middle of the night one.

My mum has been here since Monday and is going home on Friday but you should see my house!!  She has really put my cleaning skills to shame.  My house has NEVER looked this good and I wish she could stay forever.  Tried bribing her with hugs from Ollie if she would stay hehe.  As tempting an offer as this was... she had to decline.  It's been brilliant having her around here though.  Think she is enjoying it also... she has new to grannyhood.  This one is her first grandchild.

Ollie is doing well.  He is slightly jaundiced but this is going away.  We were signed off by the midwife yesterday because she is happy with his progress.

James and I are getting on better than ever and working really well as a team.  I seem to be feeling so much more love for him since Ollie arrived.. he is so good with him and so confident.  Makes him sexy! Hehe.

Breastfeeding has not worked... but I'm expressing and he adores the breastmilk so im happy :) He latches on well but then doesn't suck.  Not sure why... it could have something to do with his jaundice and him being a bit lazy/ sleepy but I'm glad he is having my milk anyway.  Expressing isn't bad... it's actually more convenient because when my boobs get sore I can stop at anytime for a rest and do it as slowly as I like and when I want to do it.  I'm expressing enough to cover all his feeds without having to top him up with formula.  Midwife was the one who helped me get expressing... they werent helpful with the breastfeeding at the hospital at all and didn't encourage it.  

I've been out and about with the pram a couple of times now.  It's strange pushing around the baby I've been carrying inside me for so long!!  I feel like going out with the pram more... just to show off hehe but I'm still very sore and tired.

Have to say all in all I'm very proud of myself...Ollie and James... I think were great!

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  1. Sounds like things are going great! I love the nickname Ollie. It's not one you hear around hear much, so cute :)